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Epic Facepalms From The Life of An IT Worker: Vol. 1


Well, I work IT for the State of Oregon, and I get a ton of stupid ass people with retarded computer problems. I figured I could share a few, cuz their pretty damn funny.

(Yes I know this is copypasta from a forum post I did, but I figured Id share it cuz its my favorite story)

I work IT for the State of Oregon, and one time I called this lady who said that her modem didnt work. I told her that our computers dont use modems, and she kept saying that her modem was making funny noises and giving here error messages. I finally drove to her office (20 minute drive) to find that that she was referring to her computer tower as a modem. And what caused the computer to make funny noises and not boot right?

THE HUGE ASS MAGNET ON THE SIDE OF IT. Thats right, she had a big ass magnet on the side of her computer, and it had fried the hard drives...

I told her not to put the magnet on there, and she told me that her son bought it for her, and that she liked it and so she would keep putting it there. I told her that if she put it there it would ruin her computer. She told me (exact words, give or take) "Well I think I would know something about computers because I took classes on Word, Access and Powerpoint, and they taught me a lot about computers. I'm going to keep putting that magnet there because it means a lot to me."

I fucking laughed at her, right in front of her. I couldnt help it. Needless to say she called my manager and complained. I told him what really happened and he just lol'd.

So her computer has died again, and I just got assigned to fix it. To make it even better, I just got an email from her asking that I transfer the job to another tech because she doesnt like me.

Good riddance.
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