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Gallerytoid Episode 4: Dead Space 2


Thats right motherfuckers, after like a thousand years we've returned to light up your life and fill it with our opinions. We ran into some editing snags, but after locking limo in the tower and depriving him of food for long enough he finally pushed this out from underneath the door. And man, does it dredge up some memories.

Some bad memories. 

Here we take a look at Dead Space 2, and in so doing so vent our frustrations with the game. We all find more common ground than Dead Space in terms of our final opinions, and with this post we finally get to put this fucking podcast episode and game to bed. As a bit of housekeeping, we'll be trying to get one of these out every month or so to make recording more managable. This one proved to be a bear to edit, and a lot of life shit got tossed at all of us but as of now we have some episodes ready to roll and we'll try to keep things more consistent without gaps this time. 


Next time will be Hotline Miami, so look forward to hearing our hot takes on that one! Thanks for reading and listening folks. 

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