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Destructoid x Japanator: What anime is the community watching for summer 2018?


Summer's line up is starting to really heat up. On top of the anime bingo card meme that's been spreading fairly popularly, and internal staff chat on anime and the binge log, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to ask the (primarily) Dtoid community what you've been watching for the new summer 2018 season?

So here are some specifics: yes you should talk about whatever is new and premiering for summer 2018. Yes, you could be watching the classics or something from a year or two ago, but this will be about the current hot shit. SEO big numbers baby.

You can list any number of animes you're watching, with or without some choice words describing why you're watching or why you've caught on it. If you need an idea if what you're watching is summer 2018, you can check out this page on myanimelist.net.

Let me the recurring anime ot of the way. My Hero Academia is entering the provisional license arc where we'll hopefully get a new look at characters like Todoroki and Bakugo. Perhaps we'll get to the Yakuza arc, but I'm not entirely sure.

Overlord 3 continues with Momonga's isekai adventures as the great leader Ainz Ooal Gonz with hopefully more displays of overpowered demon characters and the ever shifting alliances between the Great Tomb of Nazarick and the world.

Attack on Titan continues into its third season which begins to unraval a few of the mysteries of the titans by delving into the conspiracy of the walls that hold them in and maintain the status quo.

Now with my choice in serials out of the way, here's some of my quick and dirty favorites to watch out for.

There's a lot of jank in watching Cells at Work. Murderous white blood cells slaughter bacteria and get covered in blood and the process of loading germs into missiles to be fired as sneezes sounds hindered at best. Still, it's an endearing, Magic School Bus-styled way to view the mechanical workings of the human body. Also, I watch it to spite Gamemaniac.

Hanebado is something that caught my eye after watching my fill of Haikyuu!! for hot blooded sports anime. Despite being a series of girls playing badminton, these girls are no less fired up and pumped to play badminton then any shounen sports anime. There will be drama playing out because Hanebado isn't firmly in the shounen sports category, but that doesn't make the animation for the high speed rallies any less incredible to watch.

Ordinairly I'd avoid ecchi anime and isekai. Boy, what possessed me to try How Not to Summon a Demon Lord which is both those things in spades. Yes, Rem and Shera are the biggest anime waifu bait characters ever: small, bustless cat girl and GINORMOUS chested elf. The first episode certainly got a few stray hooks into me despite my misgivings. Like, the main character of this isekai isn't some self-insert boring character but rather an actual person who has been a social recluse for so long, he uses his experience as the strongest MMO player in the game he's from to role-play his way through situations a person with a lot of social anxiety would consider stressful like, talking to people.

The show so far has gone out of its way to drag me back after every time it plays its hand full of fanservice shots and bouncing chests. I'd say this series might surprise me. After all, my expectations are literally on the ground, unlike Darling in the FRANXX.

Choi's School Road is one of two animes about schoolgirls being assholes this season. This series is encapsulated entirely within the morning school walk. As weird as it is that every story takes place before Chio and her friends arrive at school, they do without question, which kind of enhances my enjoyment that they're so consistent about it. Passing by a dangerous delinquent? She gets to school. Playing an outrageous Indian game? They get to school later. The road is closed? Let's walk on the roofs of buildings to school. All along the way, Chio and her friends usually think of themselves before contemplating the situation properly, which leads to hijinks.

Asobi Asobase is the second series about schoolgirls being assholes, and this one hands down is my dark horse choice like Hinamatsuri last season. Except these girls make Chio look normal by comparison. The absolutely dreamy looking animation had me fooled, but these girls have more in common with Konosuba then Azumanga Daioh. Seemingly simple time wasting games turn into chances for extreme backstabbing or social shaming with the Kasumi, Honda, and Olivia. And the girls continually unveil more and more unexpected sides to their character after you've long made your predictions on their tropes. Like how Kasumi looks like the quiet bookworm but is actually an intense murderface when push comes to shove.

And there you have it. Those are my picks for summer 2018. Leave a comment below about what you're watching, why you're watching, and how you're watching (An Avengers 4 reference, don't really need to know how).

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