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Games That Need To Resurface. (1)


So recently 20XX has been said that the rouge-like permadeath Megaman X like game has gotten on the Nintendo Switch. This is great since I can stop going on about how people should play it as if I am trying to make one join a cult (hides cool aid). In addition Crash N.Sane Trilogy has been released on it as well, a nice addition and perfect fit for the console. I then remembered an old Treasured game I um... Treasured, developed by um...... Treasure. Silhouette Mirage, one of my personal favourite side scrolling games.

The game has a port for the PlayStation store, however its japan exclusive. This game, among many others seems like a prime addition to either be ported on the switch, or have a full on remake. (I mean the company ported Ikaruga on the switch, might as well go the extra mile and port the other crazy stuff you have.) Bangai-O Spirits A nice and simple game that can make good use of the duel-screen components of the game. Bangai started on the 64, but had a fun port with 160 levels, and some quick shooting action. I will admit i have never finished the games levels but I can justify this: The Level Editor Was Friggen Amazing

The self aware jokes tend to give me a bit of a giggle. 

Times where one would spend a good hour or 2 working on a crazy, yet challenging level, then sending it to your mates and watching them suffer through it (also known as Mario maker syndrome)I would not expect the price to be high, but while most of us foam at the mouth for good old Ikaruga, and the World Ends With You (i mean i'm still drooling for that one) There is no harm in letting players know about some other gems that seem to slip the net. While I would like to get more in depth into the game, however I feel that would be for another post altogether to give them even more justice (this applies to all the games mentioned)

Apparently this is a pretty easy situation to get out of.

Next we have a game with the greatest cringy dubs known to man, Evil Zone 
Intro to the game

whew, nostalgiagasm aside, there has been a cluster of upcoming and already released fighting games that battle for our attention, and With Evo coming closer and closer, I wondered What would Evil Zone look like if it was remade for the current day? I mean its a low chance it will make a dent in Street Fighter, Blazblue, Dragonball Fighter Z And Smash, but it could end up being another fighting EX Layer or Blade Strangers. Not a big contender but a solid addition to the genre.

The fighting style is easy to pick up, The art-style (for the cut scenes anyway) has a classic tenchi muyo or sailor moon vibe, and as stated before, the Acting for the characters in the English version is so Cringy and painful that I absolutely love it to bits. the idea of having it being a bit more self aware of how silly and over the top it is with some current gen graphics and tweaked game-play could make Evil Zone a game worth dashing on console or PC Staring this pumped up power ranger. Who knows, they may have a bit of a break from making WWE games with Visual Concepts and throw out something new and unexpected.

"The power of the Supreme Ruler destroys evil! The ultimate hero! DANZAIVER!!"

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