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Allow me to introduce myself as a content creator


Hello! I am Seymour. You know me by my great choice of avatars and insightful comments about your favorite video games on this very site. Remember that time you thought "Wow, what an awesome comment that person made."? It might've been me! Not sure. I don't comment like I used to because of complications with my physical and mental health, but I always love interacting with this community whenever I get the chance. 

However, I am, of course, lesser known for my existence outside Destructoid. A sort of second life to many (including family and some really good friends), some aspects of which only just began earlier this year.

Something that initially began as a tool to keep myself productive very quickly spiraled into an obsession with entertaining others through blind reactions, comedy, and critique. Or, at times, simple showmanship. I'm hoping to build a small, though dedicated, community of fans that keep me positive and who genuinely love watching me go. 

Not to the bathroom. I mean, like, watching me do my thing.

The YouTube thing.

I try to be a voice actor

A passion almost as old as my passion for video games, I've been wanting to get into doing professional voice acting as I, more than ever, believe I have the chops. I can't control my voice too well, but I plan to keep practicing.

By extension, I have tried my hand at nuanced audio/video editing. It is oh so freaking tiresome, but worth it in the end! In fact, this and photography are skills I hope to develop (photography pun, woo) into a career when it comes time to go back to college. Nothing super exciting, but something I feel I could be good at! 

I've always been attracted to a humble life. A nice apartment, an easy-going career, and a cute boyfriend with a big butt. 

Also voice acting. I forgot that that was what I was supposed to be talking about.


I try to be a photographer

Could my experience with snapping Steam/PS4/Switch screenshots transfer over to a career in photography? Possibly! I definitely hope so! I've been doing it for so long and have been casually bettering myself to the point of having some level of competence. 

Photo Mode has been a ginormous blessing for folk like me. Anyone can experiment with video games in an entirely new way, even possibly stumbling upon a new hobby! It is slowly becoming a standard and, frankly, literally every video game needs a Photo Mode. I've spent over half an hour on some shots.

It's easy to see the beauty in hardcore violence when you have the Vibrant filter on and at juuuuust the right angle. A well-placed headshot doesn't just become a better chance at survival, but a potential work of art.


I try to be a Let's Player

Above all else, I want to be a quality LP'er! I never ever get to really speak my mind, always being around similarly quiet people. The opportunity for engaging conversation doesn't often come up. But, when I'm around my video games, I can get raunchy and supremely opinionated. 

And pretty mad, too.

Thanks always to Inquisitive_Ravenclaw for the thumbnail art!

I love showing off what few instances I have of above average skill, I love reacting with a flamboyant candor and a flavorful vocabulary, and I love interacting with whoever watches my content. That they choose to waste time watching my shit is tremendously flattering, because I know it's hard to stick out amongst the crowd these days.

Apparently, I've got... something to my pressence that keeps some wanting to see me playing the video games.

At first, I tried to upload at least one video a day in order to keep up with YouTube's screwy algorithms. To my credit, I did just that for a good while! But, eventually, it became next to impossible, considering the constant up's and down's of my health. At this point, I've gone up to two whole weeks without uploading anything. 

I will always come back, though. I love doing this so much.

My master goal is to finish my current playthrough of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, complete with (ideally) engaging commentary. It's a commitment I wish to see through to the end. Definitely something I could be proud of! 

If you care to, you can follow my journey so far within the playlist right here! Shenanigans ensue!


Oh yeah, and I also do music!

Just a little aside mention for those interested.

I've slowed down quite a bit over these past few months because of, surprise surprise, my cursed health. Many of my larger projects are so very close to being finished, but remain in limbo because of the hefty amount of physical and mental energy required to pick up my guitar, sit down with my tiny little iPod/iPhone, and painstakingly perfect every notation. I'm still pretty mediocre at playing by ear.

If I may give myself a little more credit, I'm convinced I'm a heck of a musician at my best. I can pump out a solid beat and slap on some poignant layers within the hour, polishing it later into a Tiny Phasers classic. 

... right, right! That's my name. Tiny Phasers. Cute, eh?

Anyway, you can find some of my favorite pieces below!

Desperate Natures (Oxenfree fan track)

The Drizzle Outside Underground (a very loose reprise of Undertale's "It's Raining Somewhere Else")

An unnamed track inspired by Nintendo's Wii eShop music

Some Fuss Less Muss (a wholly original electronic track that was, initially, intended to be entirely percussion)

Deep Breath Deep Breath (a Persona 3 cover that I attempted to fleshed out into a full-length remix)

Steal Your Heart (an original track inspired by Persona 5's main theme, the opener to my Persona 5 project)


... also this Metallica cover I've yet to finish that I uploaded as a test to see how it sounded. I'm kind of proud of it!


I hope this gives you a broader scope of the Seymour you already knew and, perhaps, even something to watch and/or listen to as you go about your day! I won't mind either way. A mighty thanks for even just glancing through this blog and humoring me with an obligatory fap or two. 

Happy Trails~!

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