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Top Ten 10 Ice Creams


It's hot, there's no denying it. For many summer is here (winter for others) and yet, for some, it can't go away fast enough. I like sunshine and embrace the heat. As far as I'm concerned it can be as hot as possible so long as there is at least a gentle breeze to take the edge off. And you know what else takes the edge off? Yeah, you guessed it: ice cream.


This top ten is all about the finest flavours our great lord Zod has generously provided for us. So be safe out there and please enjoy this cblog and ice cream responsibly. Don't go sticking a rocket up someone's arse without asking first, regardless of if they look like they want it.




10 - Chocolate Fudge

It's fine, I guess, if you like artificial chocolate flavouring. Belgian chocolate is essential for me to give a crap otherwise I turn my nose and sashay away.



9 - Mint Choc Chip

Mint is refreshing but it can also be overpowering and dominate me-I mean, a flavour profile (Christ that sounds arty farty) in seconds.



8 - Raspberry Ripple

The taste of my youth. This cheap shit was easy to come by and just as easily forgotten after consumption. Pretty patterns, though.



7 - Toffee

If you like a heavy, thick flavour with a chewy nature, then this one is for you. It has an off-putting taste to some but everyone should try it once.



6 - Pistachio

When Zod created ice cream this flavour was not high on his list. Gaj likes it so that makes it good enough for you, you scum.



5 - Chicken Liver (Nah just kidding) Sundae

Just because Dante eats it in some mediocre cartoon does not make it cool. Sundaes for me are too fruity and not enough ice cream, which is the entire point of this blog. Having said all that, though, it's still Zoddamn tasty.



4 - Strawberry

Very few flavours are 'Timeless' like Strawberry. (I'm pretty sure Abigail Spencer tastes like strawberries. Yeah, I went there.) And just like Keanu, it never gets old.



3 - Vanilla

The Kevin Bacon of flavours. It always looks and sounds good and may not seem like it, but it works with everything.



2 - Lemon/Lime & Chilli

Wha-wha-wut?! You may rightly say but for those who have savoured this treat it speaks for itself. I urge you to try it. Not only is lemon and chilli one of my favourite combinations - the sharpness of the citrus and the spice almost cancel each other out or at least keep each other at bay, but it also makes for one hell of an ice cream. This came from left field and pleasantly surprised me.



1 - Cornetto

Where do I begin? The absolute classic and forever fashionable first choice for any self-respecting English gentleman or lady. And, I suppose, you non-sophisticated foreigners. Zod's words, not mine! Not only a running gag of the Cornetto trilogy but also immortalised in that world famous TV ad. Well, maybe you live on the wrong world if you haven't heard of it.


Well, that's it, run along. Oh, you want to challenge my selection? Tell me what you prefer then.

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