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Here's a hot take for ya


If you asked 7-year-old Bass who the best mommy in the world was, he’d answer his own without hesitation. He’s a lucky fellow, he’s never lived in tough conditions, parents never broke up. It’s not a take that comes with careful study and knowledge of the world of mums, just a token of appreciation.

Nobody knows anything. Plato and William Goldman alike knew what they were talking about. If anybody knew what objective bad even was, game companies and the like would have found that genius already. They would put that person in charge of design (or, at the very least, testing) on every damn project they can think of. But there’s no such person. Because how a person enjoys a game depends on so many things. Expectations going in, values about the most important parts in a video game, even things as uncontrollable as random crashes and the things lost in translation between different countries.

There’s 7 billion of us out here. It’s so easy to feel differently about something compared to people around us. There’s 7 billion of us out there. It’s so difficult to be unique.

The issue I have with takes everywhere is that they’re often not interested in conversation. It’s something that doesn’t only apply to opinions on the quality of games. It’s in our newspaper, our friend circles, our workplace, our family trees. We all want to be to be on the right side, to get it. It’s why it’s so easy for any circle to get so focused on how terrible the worst people in another circle are, without any introspection. It’s so easy.

People can and will argue about nothing, based on nothing. I’m no exception, have you read the column you’re reading? Take the radio show I use as an alarm clock every morning for example. Lately, the hosts really like to complain that wine taxes are too high. Does anybody know what the right price of wine is? Duh, it’s lower. Is it even a relevant debate to have? Yes, because we could get drunk on wine for cheaper. Wait, you know what, maybe they’re on to something.

That isn’t to say things like reviews don’t have any purpose. On the contrary, it’s in the way they attempt to communicate what a game is really like in ways beyond just the score that they can truly inform a buyer. Oh, that person tends to have similar taste to me, I’ll probably be interested. Ah, it seems the story drags on for a while, maybe I’ll pass – my backlog’s getting pretty big.

Nobody’s figured out what a good game is. Nobody’s figured out what makes a comic bad. Nobody’s figured out what’s overrated, what’s underrated, who’s in the wrong, who’s in the right. What we can do is try to see through each other’s eyes. When we share the elements we like or dislike, the things that impressed us and the elements we wish were done differently! We can talk to each other with our own words. We can understand each other.

Before we can do so, hot takes must stop. There’s my hot take.

If you asked 24-year-old Bass who the best mommy in the world was, he’d answer yours. He’s learned his lesson.

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