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FFXIV 4.3 is here! Let's make a Dtoid Linkshell!


Okay, it's been a long while since I posted back here. Consider this a warm-up for more blogs to come.

For now, I wanted to post a brief blog concerning FFXIV and Destructiod players. For a long time its been asked if Dtoid community has a server we all reside on, but we've been separated by our respective server choices and its sometimes hard to leave the other friends you've made as well as give up raid groups or housing to set up someplace else.

As of Tuesday's 4.3 update, we can form a linkshell (glorified chat room for those unfamiliar with FFXIV) that trancends server, though it is still bound within a regional data center. This would be a great way to get Dtoid folks together, organized and teaming up to do various content.

I'm posting to gauge interest and get things moving ASAP. Turns out you need at least a few people present and entered into the linkshell in the first 24 hours of founding the linkshell or SE deletes it (for reasons unknown to me).

In-game, I am Faeona Niyahn and based on the Lamia server within the Primal data center and can be available most of this weekend. So if I can get some idea of where people are located we can get this moving. Post your character name and data center in the comments below! 

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