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Hypno's March giveaway #1 of ???, concluded


I'm very disappointed in all of you. And me. But mostly Hypno. 

When the contest was ran? run? runnered? two months ago, that guy had the genius idea of asking people to claim a prize in the comment section. That turned out to be pointless since most people read "waifu" and immediately rushed to the comment section without picking a prize. Shame!

Thus I just decided to ignore all your wishes and just grab random people in the comment section that will be able to get their first pick in order. If it's in the comment, good, otherwise I'll reach out to them.

To sum up, the gifts are:

  • From Hypno, a 20$ giftcard of your choosing or an ASMR phonecall (the latter didn't seem a popular choice) (Claimed by Ravenclaw)
  • From me, a mystery game (PC or PS4, digital) (Claimed by Malthor)
  • From me, a mystery gift (physical) (Claimed by Limo)
  • From Amna "don't call me Anthony "don't call me Anthony "meatballs" Marzano" Marzano, a mystery gift (most likely a minecraft calendar) (Claimed by Greenhornet)
  • From Full Metal J, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (PC)
  • From Panda, Dork Souls 3 + the Ashes of Ariendel DLC

That's six prizes total, so I'll run my marvelous patented random.org tech and we'll all be sorted out.

  1. Limo gets the first pick with his choice of waifu, which wasn't named but looked bretty cute (Done!)
  2. InquisitiveRavenclaw gets second pick with Kat and Dorothy. Both are objectively the best choices so I'm glad the randomizers gave him a nicely deserved position (Done!)
  3. Malthor gets third pick with (who would have guessed it) Megumin! Talk about explosive luck or whatever. I'm not being paid to be witty. If anything I'm paying to be witless with this stuff. (Done!)
  4. Greenhornet gets fourth place with Sazh from Attack on Titan 13. (Done!)
  5. Wes doesn't deserve anything, but he somehow ended up in the list. Oh well. (Skipped)
  6. SrChurros gets the sixth pick, with the only husbando in the thread. Poe's a damn fine pick, even if he's kind of dumb.

If any of these people decline the remaining prizes when we get to their turn I'll go down the random.org pile.

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