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Warframe News! New console update, gamemode, frame and more!


Hey guys and welcome to my Warframe news update! This is the first of many to come, and this week we got a lot to talk about.

First off, after the usual few weeks of the PC players beta testing it for us (Thanks guys!) the Beasts of the Sanctuary update has finally hit consoles! This adds a new game mode called Sanctuary Onslaught. I gave it a whirl and it’s pretty much a score based horde mode against waves of enemies. You gain efficiency as you quickly kill enemies and if it hits zero it ends and you get your score.  While enemies don’t drop loot besides health and energy, I noticed that it seems like a great place to grind affinity to level up your weapons and focus. Plus every 2 rounds you get rewards including relics, captura scenes and parts for the new Warframe!


New Warframe you say? Yep! She’s called Khora, and uses whiplike living metal and her Kavat (like an alien cat) Venari to ensnare and attack her foes. I haven’t tried her out yet, but I’m looking forward to! With Khora we also some new weapons, cosmetic items and skins added to the game so be sure to see if any of those interest you.


And if you missed it last time, the update also see’s the returns of Operation Plague Star! It has some unique rewards and it’s only up till the 22nd! So get farming!

Full details on the new update plus patch notes can be found https://forums.warframe.com/topic/953471-ps4-beasts-of-the-sanctuary-update-22188-live/

DEVSTREAM 111 Highlights!


-Nidus Deluxe skin


-Changes to melee channeling


-More details on future UI updates


More info from the stream can be found https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-111-overview

Finally the most recent Developer Workshop has mentioned their current plans for changing up the Sayrn warframe. As a Sayrn main, I’m super excited to see how this pans out.


If you guys are curious about the currently planned changes to her you can find them https://forums.warframe.com/topic/955023-developer-workshop-saryn-revisited-20/


Alright, and that’s the most recent news! Keep an eye out for future news as I will try to post it as I see it. Happy hunting fellow Tenno!

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