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BoB: It's like a jungle sometimes, uh-huh ha-ha


For this month's Blog of Banders I decided to do something a little different. Besides, who wants to read? Sheesh, forget that. That archaic practice is for primitiv-ignore this.

I used to live near a large park, not too far from a golf course, and the neighbourhood was very country-like. Lots of grass, hedges, flowers, shrubbery and trees ...slowing being replaced by concrete. At night, the floodlight lit park was very quiet and it was a secret pleasure to wander around in, alone with my thoughts. I would catch a kindred soul passing by, and we'd either acknowledge the calm with a nod or silently pass by trying not to break each other out of the moment.

With that, I present to you a short video, where you can sit back, put your headphones on and let the sounds of nature speak to you. Allow your thoughts to run freely.



I spent almost two hours trying to get footage of this without walking into trees, rocks and dead-ends. This is the best I could get with the least mistakes and where I also didn't end up taking my frustration out on the surrounding wildlife with my shotgun. I always dress smart when I go hunting.

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