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Dark Void, why does that seem so famil...oooooh, that's why!

Dark Void, only the title was something that stuck out. I didn't really read the description but I heard -D- mention of steampunk jetpack and my immediate response was "eh." But I eventually watched a video and it hit me, I think I have seen this game before. Take a look at this video (I think it might be the same as on the front page?) and then I will tell you why.

Still not able to connect the dots?

Alright, I will tell you. It looks like a mixture between BioShock and Daxter/Rachet & Clank or one of the other platformer shooter games. You got the steampunk nature and some environment-like areas of BS (and the main character) and the platforming, pew-pew-pew, big guns of those other games. That's where I have seen it from.

This is not to say it is bad or it will suck, BS was good and those other games have 2038 sequels so they can't be horrible, right? I will wait to see more though. Could be good.

On a side note, I find it funny that everyone gave Nintendo a hard time about having "kiddy" graphics when games like this are being made and it is cartoony. A little chuckle...
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