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Serious Sam 3 VR is my most played VR Game now


Lately I have been going on in qposts about how much I like Serious Sam 3 VR, so I decided to go into more detail than  just gushing about how great it is.

It is the full game ported to VR, with improvements only.  This feels on the rarer side of things, but it is always appreciated.  The biggest change compared to the pancake version is that you can aim your guns ‘manually’ in VR.  One of the more interesting things about this was that it meant you can point in 3 dimensions at once, which is something that cannot be done with keyboard and mouse, and was something I found myself doing quite often.  You have one gun pointed at a horde, or bullet sponge, another gun aiming precisely at a distant target, and then you are moving your head to check if any enemies made it past your rain of hellfire. Another interesting point of this was that the secondary fire for all guns was removed - as almost all of them just let you aim down sight, which you can do naturally.  It was strange realizing that the feature was missing only to realize that it was there, just in a different way. To be a little fair, the decreased resolution in VR means that sometimes you are aiming at blobs, but it never held me back.

Another large selling point of porting the vanilla game to VR was that the sound design was amazing, and I think it merits bringing up again.  Each enemy has a very distinct sound, either groans, hooves, skittering, or screaming...the constant screaming. So you can tell immediately what enemies are on the table, and where they are relative to you, just based on the sound alone.  The music is pretty typical, but I wound up replacing it with music of my own - mostly Nightwish and some metal, and I feel like it worked out just fine.

There are many locomotion options - you can point and teleport, or you can stutter step you way through, or you can play it with a dual stick free movement.  I am definitely a VR lightweight, so the full locomotion was off the table...except they included a ‘comfort mode’, which gives you tunnel vision while you are moving.  It sounds a little wonky, but it completely negates any and all motion sickness. For funsies, I turned it off about an hour in, and immediately got uncomfortable. But the ability to play in such long stretches was amazing.  In addition, you can play the game either standing and in room scale, or you can play sitting in a comfy chair - I heartily recommend the couch option, as it took me 8 hours to beat.

As a caveat to the above, they say that you can use ginger for motion sickness.  I tried it with some hard candies (I also just love ginger), and turned of comfort mode for the last two levels.  If you can stomach the movement, it really is something special. Also, for those who don’t know, the end of the game puts you on a jetpack against a beast the side of a building.  It was absolutely insane! First of all, everything in VR scales really well - the 3d gives you a real sense of how large each monster is, and that boss was no exception. The flight was surprisingly fun, even though vertical motion in VR can often produce some really wonky gut responses.  

Also, what the shit is up with that last level before the boss?  Like, damn, why not throw everything at you? The first five waves are kind of cathartic, but the kleer, khnum, and werebull waves literally at the end of the level, are absolutely messed up.  I mean, damn.

Fuck kleer.

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