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Are you excited for God of War? (2018)


God of War was one of the pillars of the Sony PlayStation brand for me. By the end of the trilogy, Kratos was known far and wide as an irredeemable asshole. There's a certain nobility to killing everyone who stands in your path to revenge, even when that revenge means killing a god whose aspect is responsible for keeping the power of Earth safe. Don't kill Poseidon Kratos! The ocean will go out of control! Ok, well, he's dead and now there are giant tidal waves, ok.

Kratos kills everyone, that's just who he is. He hates almost everyone and kills anyone he lacks and interest in. That's what makes God of War 2018 so interesting. He's no longer some blood thirsty psychopath on a killing spree to satisfy his id. He seems very world weary, somewhat tired, like all the killing in his youth really drained right out of him. He's grown a beard and lives peacefully in the great north, under the jurisdiction of the Norse pantheon. Even more, he has mysteriously picked up an adoptive son whom he tries to guide along the straight and narrow. Gone are the Blades of Chaos and in are a viking shield and ax, and a beard!

Despite his Spartan ash body paint remaining, he's obviously lived in the north for a while now. Just anticipating God of War 2018 means being curious of the time between Kratos leaving a literal, god forsaken Greece and his arrival in the north and adopting a son.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I have never played the God of War series and even I'm anticipating a game about a Greek former godkiller living in the land of Norse gods the likes of Odin.

Want to see your comments on the FP? Go ahead and leave a comment below about your level of interest for Dad of War. Some? None? Plenty? Which Norse gods and legends are you excited to see recreated?

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