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Rico's April TwitchTube Giveaway!


Hey Folks!

Well, well, well. Here we are! My first exploration into the world of bribery went down without a hitch! I'm now officially done with twitch affiliate and can return to streaming what I want, when I want, without feeling like I'm missing out on something.

But...I mean...that's not quite good enough I feel. So I think it's about time to move onto the next part of operation power penguin. This involves hitting some metrics on both YouTube and Twitch! Whether or not we'll hit those metrics is another story entirely.

First, who won the contest last month?


Otherwise known as Destructoids local grumpy guss. Few have lived on this earth longer than him, and fewer still have said heh more often. He snagged the win in a random.org random number generation by a mere 3 digits. Just a little further off and AvtrSpirit would have taken it. Albeit that's not really how random numbers work. 23 was as likely as 138 (which I believe was the total number of entries, I have it in an excel sheet).

What's that? You are curious where you stood last month? Ok, sure, I can answer that.

lawman316 27
mcroager 24
avtrspirit 23
gamemaniac3434 12
hypno_coffin 11
thronezilla 9
theblondebass 9
novaknight21 4
dorwulf 4
thuginostrology 2
makdiz 2
wizardsnurt 1
vxxyman 1
splinterofchaos 1
failure7x 1
dwarvenhobble 1
deadlikeimearnhardt 1
cogwhistle 1
bnikka101 1
aliothale 1
adisufian 1

Hope that helps! I've reset everyone's entries for the new month! I want to thank everyone that participated the first time around. If you didn't win that's fine, you've got a chance to win this month as well! Albeit if you did win you could technically still win again. You just need to be lucky and/or active.

But what has changed Rico?! You keep smashing words together and wasting my time! This is true! I'm watching that word count underneath the cblog editor rise and realizing I'm not really giving you anything valuable to fill the old grey matter.

No further! Let us get down to the brass tacks! What changes this month?!

Number of Winners

Up to two people can win 60 dollars in amazon gift cards this month! This is a bit experimental and I might not do it every month. But I'm willing to try almost anything once. There is a caveat however, as with anything. I'll be choosing one winner for two separate pools of people.

The first winner will be chosen at random from the total pool of entrants into the raffle just like we did last month. The second person will be chosen from those entries into the raffle that are also subscribers. This means that if only a single person subscribes to me this month they'll have a 100% chance to spend I think its 5 dollars and get back 60. That's a pretty good ROI.

Obviously your chances of such a return lessen the more people that subscribe but let's be realistic, I'm not expecting all that many people. If by some stroke of strange luck it takes off I'll add more winners next month. Best not to count chickens before they hatch, however.

Ways to get Points!

The first and most obvious way to get points in the contest is to watch my streams. You'll get 1 point for every 10 minutes that you watch. This is done automatically and doesn't require any input from you.

The second way is getting lucky during the stream and clicking on treasure chests that appear on the stream. These will give you 6 moosecoins (1 hour worth) of entries! It's rare but hey, it's free!

The third is by hosting my channel. This will net you 1 point each time you do it. It's not much but hosting is also relatively effortless.

The fourth is by giving me 100 bits. It looks like 100 bits is $1.40, which is 3.5x less than a sub. So we'll just divide 12 by 3.5 which nets us 3.4 entries per 100 bits. That's a weird ass number so I'm gonna round it down for this month. Every 100 bits is 3 entries into the contest! Maybe next month we'll explore half entries, but for now, 100 for 3.

The fifth is by subbing. This will net you 12 entries which works out to two hours of streaming in points! I think this is fair given that its 5 dollars with no guarantee of anything besides a thank you from me. That said, the first subscriber is probably looking at a nice surprise at the end of the month if nobody else joins in.

The sixth is by subscribing to me on YouTube and leaving a comment with your Twitch name (and perhaps feedback on the latest episode of my YouTube stuff). Every week I'll go through my comments on YouTube (god help me) and collect up the entries and add points manually to folks twitch accounts. Doing this will net you 1 point per new video (videos released April 1st to April 30th).

I think this is it, if anything additional comes to mind I'll probably save it for next month.

If you are curious about the rules and regulations of my contests, please check out the FAQ on this cblog. It all really boils down to "don't cheat", "don't do anything that would get me in trouble", and "don't be a dick". If you can follow those simple guidelines I'll have fun, and you just might get some easy money to expand your gaming collection or whatever else you need in your life!

How will winners be chosen this month?

Oh right...I never mentioned that. Well to put it simply, this month I'll be choosing people randomly by having avatars of their entries battle to the death. At the end of the month we'll have a stream run for however long it needs to. In this stream you'll have avatars representing your entries battle it out on a map.

The rules for the game will be pretty simple and entirely automated. I think it'll be fun to watch and I'll probably stream building it. Once it is done we might see iteration on it from month-to-month to help make it more engaging for viewers.

Plus! If you watch it on the 1st of next month you'll be earning entries for that month! Sneaky sneaky.

What if I have other questions?

Ask them below! You might notice a problem or unclear point in my post which will help me clear it up for future readers! It is unlikely that I'll be streaming tonight but starting tomorrow we'll have relatively regular streams. Most frequently they'll begin after 7PM PST and occasionally on weekends we'll have them much earlier. Now that I'm not limited by average viewers the length of the streams might get quite long! This will give lots of folks plenty of time to rack up points.

Just remember to be nice to me and other participants and I won't have to ruin anyone's day, week, or month by banning them from the contest. We are all on this journey of life together :).

(PS. This is not an April fools joke, I'm not a fan of the practice.)

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