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V of War Dev Blog 1(Battle Royale 50 VR + PC)


A Long Journey Before We Finally Start

It’s a long time since last time I purposed the dev blog thing. I didn’t know where to start because that was a long story inside.

You may know that 2016 was called the first year of the VR era, I and my partners went together and want to do some business in VR. As the very forerunner in VR market, we have made some money and reputation with the help of the policy and the profit-making period of VR, and our company are growing bigger. Here we are, we moved into the greatest building in the Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou.

V of War

However, this is only the beginning of our story.

We NINED might be the first ones who are able to realize the commercialization of VR. And we have imagined that VR would be popular, maybe as popular as game consoles. However, the practice we did in the business scenario cannot be repeated in personal players, so we have to strike for another solution.

Compare to other players, VR players are relatively lonelier. The world that he saw inside the headset cannot be shared, so outsiders cannot share his feeling either, we need to find some items that can be communicate and spread out. The concept of cross-platform has come out, we want to break the barrier between VR and other platforms, and we want more communication.

After we had that idea, we were very cautious, because there were no precedent in such field. So we set up a few experimental scenes, and then we discovered that if we directly put VR player into a game that designed for PC, in most situation VR players feel painful. One reason for that is the speed of VR operation cannot be as flexible as the keyboard and mouse. That’s far away from fun. Therefore we think that the key solution is to change the mechanism. That means we would set up an asymmetric mechanism to fit in the asymmetric operation styles. Several weeks goes and we successfully put VR into a mech, and we add awesome skills to the mech, VR players can be stronger than non-VR players.

V of War Mech Image

VR can be weaker or stronger than non-VR. That’s to say, we must be able to find a balance.

Here comes the powerful and strong mech design, and the VR & Non-VR cross-platform mechanism with a little bit fun, a little bit strategy and a little bit excitement. The very first mode we are preparing is Battle Royale.

Titles to be expected:

  • What would be the difference compare to the other battle royale games?
  • What did we do, what process did we go through to put VR intoa battle royale game?
  • How can the VR and Non-VR fight in the same round?
  • How can a VR game fit in the current game market?
  • What did we do to the VR motion sickness?
  • Why we design such kind of VR movement & control system?
  • How did we enhance the game experience?
  • Stories about optimizing the game….

To Be Continue......

V of War-Hero Image

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