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Gallerytoid Episode 3: A new co-host and fun with recording hiccups


In this episode a new challenger approaches, under the name of Dinosir. He also edited this episode which you'll come to understand the relevance of as you listen to it. I'll apologize as we ran into some audio hiccups and it took some doing to fix it so this episode will have issues in terms of how it sounds here or there. In terms of content it is, of course, perfectly acceptable as always. Also as of next episode my equipment is upgraded so at least one aspect of our podcast should sound better than normal.

Here we look at the tale of Dead Space, a game that is even more poignant now considering the death of the studio that gave birth to it and determine whether it fits to our personal definitions of art or not. The answers may surprise you, or maybe not! Who can say in this madworld we find ourselves in! 

Also I'm going to give you the heads up that as of right now we're going to start hosting these on youtube and soundcloud. If we get a sizable enough interest we may open a small patreon to fund an RSS feed which should go for around 15 bucks a month or so to host across podcast sites but as of right now youtubes free and soundclouds not for unlimited size so youtube will be where these hang out after a while. Apologize if thats inconvinient but its where we're at for the time being and hopefully you enjoy our stuff regardlesss. Thanks for checking it out as always! 

- “If you don't like bacteria, you're on the wrong planet.” ― Stewart Brand

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