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Gallerytoid Episode 2: The Stanley Parable and surviving Limo


For this weeks episode Limo and I wander into one of the best "walking simulators" in the buisness, discuss player agency and good game design, and I attempt to survive Limos constant, endless verbal beratements for not playing a game all the way through. A game I didn't need to replay because I have a better memory than a goldfish, but regardless come and join us as we discuss this wonderful game and how it do what it do so well. 


Music as always is provided by Alphadeus. 

I'd also like to just remind you that our episodes have been built up and prerecorded so issues present that you've brought up in the first post haven't been implemented yet. We do appreciated the feedback however, and we'll go about addressing it as we go along. Hopefully ya like the podcast, next time we tackle a game with the same initials as our third host. ADVENTURE!!!!!

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