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Saturn REVIEWS: The List (Update)


This is an update to the Saturn REVIEWS List. Please feel free to recommend games to play that are not included in the list, or suggest the reviewing of games that I decided not to review for one reason or another.

With the Saturn, Sega has completely dropped off the console space in a lot fo the world. Sony was dominating with the PlayStation, and Nintendo's late entry into the market with the N64 completely buried them. In many ways, the decisions Sega made prior to the Saturn era, and during it, have greatly contributed to the downfall of the company.

This is why the Saturn has a bum reputation even among Sega fans. It killed their beloved company and have set up the Dreamcast to fail.

However, the system still has its fans, and its 2D abilities are considered the best by some of its fans. It's position as the third prong in the console war meant that it could take some risks with its games, and meant that it didn't need to chase the graphical power race between Nintendo and Sony.

Regardless, I have not played any Saturn game before, and that's why I am very interested in starting this review series. I want to be pleasantly surprised with offbeat games, hidden gems, and generally, have a good time.

Like with my other review series, I am going to use a top 100 list as a basis for my reviews, this time again from Retro Sanctuary:
Top 100 Saturn Games from Retro Sanctuary

So, I am going to review games that interest me from that list from 100 to 1. Like with my other review list, I am not going to review:

  1. Games I already played (does not apply here).
  2. Sports and Racing games; these genres have only gotten better with time.
  3. Multiplayer Focused games, so that takes party and fighting games off the mix.
  4. Genres and games that don't interest me at all, I am simply terrible at shmups.


  • Games in bold are games I am going to review.
  • Games in crossed bold are games I would normally review but have finished before.
  • Games in bold italics are games I would review but have better ports in other fifth-generation systems.
  • Games in italics are games I would normally review but have been better remade to future generations systems.
  • Games that are crossed are games that I will not review.
  • All other games are ones that I am still undecided on whether to review or not.

The List:

Requested Reviews:

So, which of these games were never played by Chris Carter?

Outside of List Reviews:

This list is only based on the Retro Sanctuary list, and might be missing some lesser-known games. As always, I welcome any suggestion of games I should be playing, whether they are in the list or outside of it.

Please note if any of the games above that I am thinking of playing are worth it in any way. Games in bold I will review unless someone gives me a compelling reason not to.

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