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God Told Me I Suck So I Started A Blog.


The internets box said that God thinks I suck! LOL! That's so funny I'm making a blog post about it! I'm a barely-legal moderately hot chick so please leave me lots of comments about what you'd like to do to me with your penis. Also, the Wii is a gimmick only soccer moms buy, all 360s fail because M$ is the Great Satan, and PS3 has no games and is only for retards with too much money. Have you seen that YouTube about the crazy Tetris player!?!

I'm resolved to spend less of my free time on the internet bitching about games and more time actually playing them, so I've been pretty engrossed in Metroid Prime 3 lately. Just got to the Pirate Homeworld and snagged the X-Ray Visor. A friend of mine who works at a video store picked up Carnival Games used for me, and I have to say I've actually been enjoying it quite a bit. The games are simple but addictive, and for the most part control pretty well. The fake Miis you make are hideous, but luckily there's a ton of unlockable costume pieces you can use to cover him or her up. If you can get the game for free like I did, I highly recommend it.

I swear this week I'm finally going to order the parts I need to fix my computer so I don't have to deal with loaner laptops anymore. Having been forced to recently do my computating with a seven-year-old Sony Vaio running Windows ME, I can safely say I know exactly how survivors of the Holocaust felt.

Here's a YouTube from some lameass brother of mine who never posts on Dtoid because he's so much of a lameass.

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