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Gallerytoid Episode 1: Limbo and Introduction


Hey folks, I'm here with my latest blog about-NOPE, GOT YA ITS A PODCAST YOU FUCKERS!!!!

Thats right, after endless hinting and ruminations on doing just a podcast its finally come together. I had been considering doing a podcast for a bit last fall, and after considering a few ideas nothing really materialized. That is until good friend and local genetic abberation Limomaker apporached me with a good idea for a podcast-we had been talking for a time about ideas for one-which culminated in the podcast I put before you today. Basically he suggested that we talk about games, discuss their mechanics, music/sound and visuals before wrapping up and determining whether the game qualifies as art to our personal tastes. The name took some doing but after a while the name Gallerytoid was stumbled upon and thats what we're going with. For now we'll be using game images but in future we'll be looking at some artists round these parts to potentially whip something ou-up. Whip something up. Cough

Also props to Alphadeus, for giving us our intro theme. Lovely boy.

For our first podcast, we took a look at indie darling Limbo after recording for definitely the first time with no huge fuck-ups. I thought it turned out rather well, hopefully you enjoy it-we enjoyed making it at any rate. I also apologize for the audio quality-our first few are me and Limo recording on...less than ideal microphone setups but now I've got a fancy mic and soon Limo will hopefully have one so audio quality will hopefully improve as time goes on. I'm also going to endeavor to stop drinking delicious Kombucha during the podcast-a true heroic sacrifice but one I'm willing to make for you, sweet listener. 

Our release schedule will also be a bit sporadic-I'm hopeful that we can get something close to biweekly going but wrangling all of our schedules takes some work so we'll see. Thanks for takin a look, feel free to let us know your thoughts below! Also stay tuned, as our third episode may culminate in a third host of...prehistoric leanings. 

- “If you don't like bacteria, you're on the wrong planet.” ― Stewart Brand

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