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Favourite Games I played in 2017


Well it's Feburary - so I've probably missed whatever 'hype' there is for these lists but, ah well... So, here are my top 11 (because 11 is a more awesome number than 10) favourite games (not best) I played in 2017. I've attempted to them in some kind of order, but they're pretty interchangable. 

Number 11: Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

I haven't played a Final Fantasy game since... well, to be fair the only Final Fantasy game I played before this was Crystal Chronicles on the Game Cube (which I loved) but that also wasn't really (well at all) a proper/main Final Fantasy title. My point is: Final Fantasy isn't my cup o' tea. But I was a massive fan of Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast and that damn awesome fishing controller and as ye olde family got me Playstation VR for Christmas and this went on sale around the same time it seemed like a good idea.

And, it was. Arcade fishing in VR where it feels like your using an actual fishing rod (note: I have never used a fishing rod in real life) - is a pretty good time. Sure the bosses are kinda dumb, but the actual fishing is excellent and once the 'story' is done it's nice to just set off and try and complete the list of all the catchable fish. The only 'bad thing' was that some woman with denim shorts on and a yellow jacket would come in to 'fix your car' every so often (pretty much to show you her ass in VR) and you couldn't skip it or anything. There was just this kinda awkard 2 minutes of unwanted 'fan-service' in the middle of you fishing fun. Other than that - I loved it.

Number 10: Aaero

After playing the exceptionally good Thumper (which I brought on sale) I was in the mood for some rhythm goodness. And this (accidentally - apparently) went on sale. And damn, what a game! Like a 3D Gitaroo Man it was definately unexpected. Following lines (like Gitaroo Man) and shooting enemies (like Gitaroo Man's defense bits... kinda) turned out to be incredibly fun. Sadly a change of publisher meant progree and trophy progress weren't carried over when it was re-issued on the PS4 but it did bring some nice DLC with it. 

Number 9: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Even as a huge retro gamer, I never really (as in, at all) played the Master System. And unless you count Adventure Island I never played any of the Wonder Boy games. But well, when someone puts this much effort and love into an old game - it makes you pay attention. Noy only does it look absolutely gorgeous but thankfully it would seem the original it's based off was a damn masterpiece. Like a cross between a Metroid title and Little Samson (a brilliant NES game for those not paying attention) it truly is one of greatest retro games and this remake just makes it even more exceptional. Everyone who enjoys a good 2D adventure action exploration platformer owes it to themselves to check this title out!

Number 8: Sonic Mania

I don't think there's anything to say about Sonic Mania that hasn't been said already. It looks gorgeous, plays excellenty and the level design is exceptional. Yes it would have been nice to have more 'original' levels and yes some of the bosses (aka Metal Sonic) were a bit... well, ass... but my god we had another classic Sonic game which could stand proudly (even if not over) the classic Megadrive titles. Even when it was impossible to not get hyped for it, it was still hard to not have worries. Sonic pretty has a reputation of letting people get hyped up for nothing (aka: the Sonic cycle). But this time the hype was valid. Hopefully this isn't a one-off retro come-back, but even if it is - it was damn worth the wait after Sonic & Knuckles for.

Number 7: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted 2 was one of my favourite games on the PS3. Uncharted 3 was... well... it wasn't great. And Uncharted 4, I don't know - it just wasn't as exciting as the second one. It was good, and a nice conclusion. But it seemed the series had reached it's peak with the first sequel and now it was just more of the same. I wasn't expecting much from Lost Legacy, but it got down pretty cheap so I picked it up. And wow. The other titles may have been more hollywood action but this was a game about actually searching for treasure. It gave you a huge map to drive around, searching for clues, finding treasure and shooting helicopters out of the side. And then just when you think it's winding down - Boom! It's explosive action packed set-piece second half kicks in. As always with these games the characters and writing is excellent. If you felt the last couple of Uncharted titles had been lacking, be sure to give this one a go. Even though it's doubful I hope Naughty Dog turns this into more than a one-off spin-off.

Number 6: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrafice

I've always had a massive soft spot for Ninja Theory. I loved Heavenly Sword, the emotion expressed in that game was exceptional. Journey to the West then came along and also had amazing characters (and was pretty damn fun). Sure, the gameplay was never the greatest in the world but I didn't care. The experience overall was unbeleivable. So I went into Hellblade without any doubt that I was going into a good time - but even then it went way beyond what I could have ever had expected. Playing this game using anything but some good headphones shouldn't be an option. Like the game should detect if your using the TV speakers or something and just not let you get past the title screen - the audio is simply that important. Voices mocking you from behind, arguing from your left and right and - more importantly - speaking from inside your own head. It has to be experienced.

And my god, when your running from darkness with 'something' chasing you, it's just unbeleivably unnerving. I was genuinely terrified. The fact that enough deaths means Game Over, as in back to the title and start of the game Game Over, truly adds to the tension. Amazing voice work, great use of audio, tense combat and fantastic art direction makes this a game Ninja Theory should be proud as hell about. Can not reccomend it enough.

Number 5: Kero Blaster

Kero Blaster had been on my radar for a long time. I'm a console gamer so this being on the PC and iOS meant it was something I never thought I'd play. And then, out of nowhere, it came out to the PS4 - I purchased it instantly. I liked Cave Story, but I don't think it's as good as the sheer amount of praise it gets. But Kero Blaster, Kero Blaster doesn't seem to get enough praise. This is a proper old-school side scrolling shooter with excellent tight controls, well thought out weapons and amazing boss battles. Any fans of Contra, Metal Slug - hell any 2D sidescrooling shooter (with a bit of platforming) owes it to themselves to play this. A true masterpiece. And, just when you think you've mastered it, a new mode unlocks that completely shakes up the game to the point I wouldn't call it a 'second-playthrough' as it's just so different.

Number 4: Everybody's Golf

Ever since Mario Golf 64 I've loved golf videogames which use the 3 point system. Mario Golf on the Game Cube was good, but it wasn't the sequel to Mario Golf 64 I was looking for (it's stupid defualt auto-impact also didn't help). But back when I was glued to the PSP (aka the Monster Hunter system) I came across the Everybody's Golf games. And I loved them, and thus ever since have spent hours playing them. The PS4 version came with character creation (though I do wish some of the older characters, or at least more unique ones were in it as well), fishing, massive open gold courses and was basically an utter joy to play. Everybody's Golf is the successor to Mario Golf and superior in every way.

Number 3: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

I got this dirt cheap on a sale on the PS3... and never played it. And then got the updated version for free on the PS4... and never played it. Then one day, while waiting for something (I forget what) to be released I needed something to play so decided to finally load this up. The sequel being revealed last year in Paris also reminded me that I actually own it. With Metroid like exploration and some of the best combat in a 2D game (think Guardian Heroes HD) it's damn good time, to the point that I ended up playing it for ages looking for all the secrets and doing all the challenges while the game I was originally waiting for sat on shelf.

Number 2: Thumper

Looking like a drug fueled nightmare, and sounding like one too, Thumper is self described as rhythm violence game - and I don't think any other description could do it justice. It is tense, and - rather terrifying in it's own way. Taking a simple control scheme of a single button and directional input and making it into something truly masterful is no small feat but they pulled it off in spades. Thumper is the best rhythm game ever made. It's also on all major consoles now (though PSVR is easily the best way to play it) so there's little excuse to not play it. Go buy it now.

Number 1: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

Indie games and the Metroidvania game style seem to go hand in hand. And although many might be good, few stand up next to the titles that inspire them. Momodora surpasses them. This is (apparently) a sequel/prequel to a series I have never heard of, played, or even knew existed in any way - basically, you don't have to know anything about the previous games. I'm a huge sucker for good sprite work, and this looks gorgeous - however, it plays even better. Any fan of Metroidvania games needs to play this. It is, probably, the best Metroidvania game ever made and my second favourite of the genre (my favourite being Super Metroid). Great platforming, combat, exploration, bosses, gorgeous graphics and a soundtrack thick with atmosphere this is not a title to pass-by. Hell you get to transform into a cat! 

Number 0: Okami HD

Yeah, so I miscounted - and 12 isn't as cool a number as 11, anyway...

The original Okami was what killed my Nintendo fanboy ways and put me in the Sony camp. This, to me, was what a 3D Zelda should be. A huge world to explore, loads of secrets and a hack-and-slash combat system (not Ocarina's slow block and attack system). Yes, yes, it's a piece of art to look at - but it's graphics are spoken about so much that I feel the actual game is largely ignored. And it shouldn't be, because it is amazing. 

I didn't think I'd complete this version. Hell I loved the original, but at over 30 hours long and having done it all before I was almost certain another game would come along and distract me from it. It didn't. I was glued to this game, and those 30 hours flew by. I think knowing the pacing of the game from playing it back on the PS2 definately helped (as in, the 'final boss' turns out to be the first boss of like, 4) and thus the, almost frustration, of the game simply not ever seeming to end during my first play through was gone and I was able to truly enjoy it. Not only has this game not aged a day, but it somehow seems better then I remember it being. Yes, the intro is long, yes the difficulty plateus a bit in the last third of the game and yes you have to fight that 'first final boss' 3 times before the end but it's all worth it. Because it is simply a master piece and easily the best '3D' Zelda game ever made. Nothing has ever came close to taking Okami's crown and I doubt anything will. 

- As N-finity would say, be well.

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