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Jet's Character Guides: Menat in SF V


Hello and welcome to my first character guide for the lovely fortune teller Menat from SF V. Menat is a rather complex character so I will try my best to teach you how to play as her. Do you wanna play as the lovely Menat and make her Master Rose proud? Then listen up and let's get started!

Tips and Tricks for Menat:

Abbreviations I use in this guide: Vt (V-trigger), cr (crouching), st (standing), jp (jumping), lp, mp, hp (light, medium, heavy punch), lk, mk, hk (light, medium and heavy kick), f (forward), fd (forward down), BnB (Bread and Butter, which are combos who are important for her), > (indicator for a combo, the move connects with the the next move in the combo).



Menat is a mix of a zoner and puppet character.

She is a very technical character and hard to master.

Meter management is difficult for beginners with Menat.

Her vt 1 can lead to great mixups or long high damage combos but you need to learn her vt 1 step by step in training mode/trials.

Menat's moves are different when she sends the orb out, that's why I made a Bread and Butter combo guide with and without orb.


Very strong moves for neutral.

Good throw range.

Vt 1 is very good and can make her slide, jump in attack and overhead attempts safe, it can even make a critical art attempt safe on block.

V-skill reflects projectiles.


Defense (She doesn't have many wakeup options and her movement speed is overall okay but can be a problem when you are in the corner).

Backwards dash is slow (24 frames).

V-reversal can be punished by fast characters.

Important Bnbs with orb:

cr lk > st lp > v-skill

st lk > cr lp > v-skill

jp hk > cr hp > v-skill

cr mp > v-skill

cr mk > v-skill (range specific, can whiff)

V-skill can always be canceled into her critical art, so if you have all bars you can do a lot of damage.

If you hit the enemy in his hurtbox under the waist her divekick can be followed up by cr light attacks (mostly cr lk).

Important Bnbs without orb:

st hk > cr mp > v-skill

Most of her normals can turn into combos if you call back the orb at the right time.

For example: st lk > cr lp > orb return > st hk > cr mp > v-skill

or: f mk (overhead) > cancel after first hit into orb return > cr hp > v-skill

There are a lot more possibilities with orb return as combo extender.

Cr mk and cr mp can also be good combo starters without orb and you can find a lot of combos with orb return.



Most reliable: cr hp

Situational and anti crossup: st hk (with or without orb)


Good: All Shotos (Ryu, Akuma, Sakura, Ken), Grapplers like Zangief, Alex and Abigail.

Bad: Rushdown (Cammy, Rashid), aggressive grapplers (Laura)

Okay: Guile, Fang, Dhalsim, Juri, Nash

I hope you can use this guide and understand her better as a character if you wanna play Menat in SF V AE. She might light your way to victory! :) One of the the best sf teachers ,Bafael, also did a great short video tutorial for her which I will leave here at the end of this guide.

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