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The REAL Reason why Bungie and MS are no longer...

Bungie and Microsoft are not buddy-buddy as they once were. Bungie likes to work on the 360 though so don't think there won't be another game on the system. But doesn't this mean Bungie is free to make titles for other consoles? I am not saying Halo 4 is coming to the Wii *cough*it is*cough* but doesn't mean they don't have other things lined up that could possibly leak onto other platforms.

I actually just had a contact with a news source, very secretive like! We like to call this source Isaac Spat PadveY. He gets me what I need to know when I need it. Like this juicy tidbit ... just received word that Bungie is working on another title. It is NOT exactly another Halo but it is Halo related. As the end of Halo 3 suggested, the Halo series is a prequel to Marathon. Well turns out people are not only fans of trilogies but also of prequels. And it looks like Halo has one too!

What did Master Chief do before he was the mighty Spartan? Did he have any past times? Any hobbies? Maybe not but he did have a dream. A dream that was crushed and led him to "rename" himself and take up a new occupation. Yes, Master Chief is not how it was originally spelled, it was "typo" in Halo because Microsoft did not approve. They swiftly moved in and change his name. Now that Bungie is a bit more free with their endeavors, they can go to the roots and fix Master Chief. This is his origins, this is how it all began.

Cooking Master Chief

Yes, that is exclusive artwork. Besides this, there isn't much to go on. It has been "lifted" from Bungie under exclusive agreement with Mike Hunt. It is from the upcoming trilogy. No word on whether this is the first installment or the third since they are developing them all at the same time (a la Lord of the Rings). But it is said that they will all be the same type of game. Three cooking games in the vein Cooking Mama to tell the story of Mess Hall Master Chef. Bungie has been quoted saying:

We got the DS title and we were immediately hooked. Once the Wii version came out we knew we had to put Master Chef in it and tell the origins story.

How did Master Chief get into the gunning business? Did his kitchen explode and a dead soldier with an Assault Rifle fall down in front of him as he said, "How dare you destroy my place of work!"? Was he a horrible cook? Regardless, we will hopefully find out soon enough when Cooking Master Chef comes out.

Release Date: TBA
Platform: TBA
# of Players: TBA

[Via BungieNess Story]
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