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Overwatch vs Paladins - Why I like Paladins more


This is just my thoughts, I'm sure there are many people that think otherwise. At first glance, you'd be right to think that Paladins and Overwatch are the same types of game. But, if you look closer you couldn't be more wrong. Paladins is a team shooter, card game, strategy hybrid. You choose your hero then pick five cards to tailor him/her to your playstyle. Viktor a Call of Duty style player is my current favorite and for example, my deck centers around giving him more health than normal and shorter cooldowns. Now, why do I like Paladins more than Overwatch?

More health, plain and simple. With more health, you have more time to actually try and pull any kind of tactic. Be it get a better shot at your enemy or try to run away, the option is there and I love games for it (Halo, Destiny). In games like Call of Duty, once you see your opponent you're pretty much dead, most of the time at least, here, not so much.

Paladins has a whopping 35 Character Roster to choose from. Hi-Rez consistently churns them out a great rate and they, for the most part, feel unique. Magic users, axe throwers, machine guns, swords, it has it all.

Although, to me at least, not as integrated or functional, for lack of a better term. Paladins has a deck-building aspect. You can customize your champion with a five-card deck. They are split into four categories based on your skills. For example, Viktor has a card that gives you more health than usual. There is also another card that will replenish ammo with every kill that you make. There is something off about it, that I can't place my finger on it but the system does not feel fully fleshed out. To me, it feels like an incomplete add-on. I'm happy that it's there, it gives the game diversity. maybe the options that you have to choose from aren't different enough. I'm sure they'll add to it though.

BLIZZARD, yes in all capital letters, again, BLIZZARD! There is no denying that Blizzard is a juggernaut with infinite resources to polish up their game up the ying yang. Even so that doesn't translate it into it being a good game, but, they have an almost perfect track record. Hi-Rez is a much smaller studio and you can tell just by the graphics between the two. I think this gives HR the edge, they can make ballsy moves and try different things (in which they are with the upcoming Battlegrounds 100 vs 100 game mode coming soon). Blizzard also takes their sweet time to release new characters and maps whereas HR constantly pumps them out. You can't deny it though, Paladins has a lot of heart.

Paladins is free to play but not Pay to Win. Everything you need to have fun is included for free, you can also pay twenty dollars to unlock all characters future and presently available. If that doesn't suit you then just grind gold and unlock who you want the slow way.

You die too quick in Overwatch, it's just not THAT fun for me, I say 'that' because I do enjoy me some Mercy. I get frustrated dying time and time again. You can't deny it though, Overwatch is a great game, just not what I prefer. But this is what it all comes down to......

Bottom-Line, Paladins is pure, 100% FUN!. I love getting in there emptying out clips into people and watching them fall. Running away as my health drops to try and survive for another ten seconds. Seeing the ultimate special move button light up and knowing that I have the upper-hand for a brief moment. I main Viktor, and would like to try out other champions but the downside to that is if you don't like who you're playing as you have to stick with him/her for the entire match.


- Morphinominal!

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