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Ho, Ho, HOLY monkey...Last Christmas big screen mayhem!

Anything ring bell up there? Big screen clues you into the fact that a movie is coming and no it isn't a monkey movie. Last Christmas is the movie. It is a graphic novel that follows Santa Claus around against ZOMBIES.

Yes, fricking zombies!

It looks like Hollywood Gang Productions will be making it and Craig J. Flores will be the executive producer. Is this good? I haven't the slightest. Story is written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. Want to know exactly what it is about?

Zombie holocaust has happened. They are everywhere, even the North Pole. Zombies comin' up the H311 right now! PRESS THE A BUTTON! Zombies eat the elves and Mrs. Claus. Now poor Santa is said and suicidal. Then he realizes he CAN'T die until their is no one (boy or girl) who believes in him alive.

Enter said boy and his hot mom (of course, I bet she has got an old fat guy fetish too!) in San Francisco. They are doing their thing and fighting off the zombies. The trick here is Santa isn't coming to help them and be merry. He wants to kill the little bugger so he can off himself. But the spirit of the season and the boy and all that changes his heart and the trio now have to save the day.

Aww, heart warming huh? *tear*
No, that isn't a tear in my eye! It is just dusty in here.

For more information on the graphic novel, go to the Last Christmas homepage.

[Via IGN]
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