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AvtrSpirit's List of Memorable Games 2017



An attempt to summarize my experience gaming in 2017. Next to the game is the amount of time I spent playing it in 2017.


Games I Played in 2017

Steal My SOUL Award: Hollow Knight (55 hours)

Also wins: Most Hauntingly Beautiful Game


Waste Half My Life Award: Heroes of the Storm (half my life)

Also wins: There for Me in Tough Times


Music and Visual Harmony Award: Pyre (11 hours)

Also wins: Tricked Me into Playing a Sports Games


Best Bad Guy Simulator: Tyranny (42 hours)

Also wins: Too Many Meaningful Choices


Taste of the Old Award: Beyond Good & Evil (1.5 hours, first play through)


Too Freaked Out to Continue Award: Doki Doki Literature Club (4 hours)

Also wins: Quality Waifu Selection*


Morale Booster when I Most Needed It Award: Jotun (3 hours)

Runner-up: Best Boss Slayer


Best Boss Slayer Award: Furi (3 hours)

Also wins: Game Most Likely to Finish in 2018


Taste of a New Genre Award: Fortnite Battle Royale (4 matches)


Tried to Get Away from Heroes of the Storm Award: Battlerite (10 hours)

Also wins: Failed to Take me Away from Heroes of the Storm


Too Kinetic to Play Award: VA-11 Hall-A (80 minutes)



The following games were played in the last 3 weeks of December. Tried to get in a bunch of last minute gaming before the year end.



Best Winter Survival Sim: The Long Dark (8 hours)


Best Winter Survival Sim that Makes up for the Lack of Win Condition in The Long Dark: Skyrim + Winter Survival Mods (16 hours)


Best Mashup of my Two Favourite Genres (RPG + Turn-Based Strategy): Divinity Original Sin 2 (6 hours)


Best Music While Walking Through Town: Night in the Woods (100 minutes)

Also wins: Most Consistently Funny Dialogue

Also wins: Game Most Likely to Finish before Winter Break Ends


Great Game but with One Fatal Flaw Award: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (5 hours)

Also wins: Save Scumming Isn't Fun


Games I Own and Wish I had Played in 2017

Lured in by the Atmosphere: Inside / Little Nightmares


Baby's First RTS: Tooth and Tail


Support Klei Every Time: Oxygen Not Included


Worried about ARG elements: Oxenfree


TB Recommended: Sexy Brutale


Already Played a Lot But Never Been to the Second Moon: Kerbal Space Program


Games I Don’t Own but Would Like To

Want my Heart Stolen (but for less than full price): Persona 5


Want to Hang Out with the Dealer Again: Hand of Fate 2


Want to Hunt Robots Animals in a Gorgeous World: Horizon Zero Dawn


Want to play a sequel to COOT but It Doesn't Exist: Dream Daddy


Game I will Never Play but Want To

Only Reason I Want a Switch: Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle


Games I Wish I Wanted to Play (but don’t)

Nier: Automata

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Heat Signature

Dead Cells


Game I would like to watch a Let’s Play of


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


Game of the Year

Hollow Knight

It's beautiful, visually and musically. The controls are sharp and responsive. The gameplay is compelling (dark souls + metroidvania). It's a larger game (50 hours) than I care to play these days, and yet I was fully engaged till the finish line. It is a labour of love made by an independent team, with only three core creators.

And it is an absolute steal at $15 full price, less on sale.



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