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Bloodstained isn't afraid to be sexy


During a recent poll on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's official forums fans voted in a fan made poll to see what costumes they want Miriam to have in game. Although the demo has seen a few custom modded costumes already, this was for official in game content. The poll had 75 participants of registered members with 35 choices and the top vote was for "Succubus (NSFW)" followed by "Vampire (Elegant)" and "Valkyrie / Armor (Warrior)". 

This isn't a poll that IGA's team is obligated to address, however Bloodstained's global brand manager Angel-Corlux posted a response to the poll.

"Very intteresting choices everyone! Interesting to see what some people think / are hoping for etc. 

And although I'm absolutely sure that anyone who knows me even a little will have been able to guess one of my choices, I won't say what my others were so I don't create any bias. 

And don't worry about "sexiness" controversies. Iga's doing his own thing, making the game he wants to make, and my priority isn't on those certain people that are always "offended". Sexuality is a part of life and art, and it has just as much place in a game or movie, book etc. as violence does. (if not more, I'd argue)"

Source: http://bloodstainedfanforums.com/post/50950/thread

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