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Let's talk about Fighting Games: Part 3: Anti-Airs and Blocking


Welcome back, warriors! Today we will take a look at two fundemental skills of good fighting game players: Anti-Airs and Blocking.

In almost every fighting game you have the ability to do a jump-in attack. The risk is high to get punished with an anti-air attack but if your jump-in attack succeeds you can deal some serious damage. So being able to consistently anti-air is important to stop the jump-in attacks of your opponent.


Learn the anti-air moves of your character (Shoryuken with Ryu, back + heavy kick with Chun Li for example) and practice in training mode against the cpu until you feel comfortable enough to play against other players.

Blocking is another important aspect in becoming a better player. In most games you have to push back on the d-pad/analog stick to defend/block attacks. To not get hit by your opponent's attacks is a fundemental skill in every fighting game. You still have to face the danger of throws and command grabs though but to negate damage makes often time the difference between a good and a bad player.

This lesson was rather short but I hope you can understand the importance of these two fundamental skills.

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