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Pokemon Sun and Moon


Your benevolent God Malika has returned to the C-blogs. 


I just wanted to tell you guys about how important and special Pokemon Sun and Moon are to me. Now I know most of you have played and beaten through most if not all of the previous generations of Pokemon. I remember having the original gameboy and playing Blue verision. I played it for hours on end, but I never ever beat the elite four. In all my time playing that verision of Pokemon I only got to the elite four once but alas I couldn't beat those turds.

I got so frustrated and upset everytime I went in there only to get my butt kicked. So I started a very vicious cycle with all Pokemon games to come. I would start a new game with such love and excitement, then only get maybe 25 hours into the game and I would either 1. get bored with the game 2. get stuck and couldn't figure out what to do or 3. just get busy with life and forget about it. Then I would get the urge to play Pokemon again and start the whole cycle over again. Have any of you ever had that problem with a game? It is very frustrating. I would meet or talk to people and they would tell me all the time about how many Pokemon games they have beaten. 

So obviously I was very excited when Pokemon Sun and Moon came out. I was bound and determined to actually beat this generation of Pokemon. --Now let me explain when I say beat I mean beat the Elite Four. I have never done any post-game content.-- Anyway, I absolutely loved Pokemon Moon. I love the classic music that had a modern twist. I know many people think that the Rotomdex was to helpful and it made it too easy that the map had a flag letting you know where you needed to go, but I thought it was a wonderful addition. One of my biggest problems with previous Pokemon games was getting lost and not knowing where I needed to go. I like the little road blocks that force you to stay in a certain area, I like knowing I can't get lost exploring new areas because the game won't let me get too far from my goal. I really enjoyed seeing some of the first gen Pokemon with their new Alola Form. It was a fun and welcomed twist to all of the Pokemon that I had already fallen in love with. 

So after having Pokemon Moon for a year I have played and beaten it at least 3 times. I started a fourth time just before Ultra Sun and Moon came out. I just can't seem to get enough of this new generation of Pokemon. Ultra Sun and Moon is an even more complete game of the original. The music is even better and more full. I feel like I am able to see new Pokemon more easily. 

When I started Ultra Sun, I told myself I was going to catch all my Pokemon myself and not use the Wonder Trade or GTS system. I wanted to do it legit. I am very proud to report that my whole team I have caught myself and I have actually caught quite a bit of my Pokedex as well. Overall my Pokedex is at 20%. 

I love the new photo booth feature, I am having a lot of fun trying to capture the best picture of me and my pokemon.



Well anyway, that is all from me! Thanks for listening to me talk about Pokemon! 


--Gotta Catch 'em All!

- Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone. - Madoka Magica

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