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2017 Destructoid Community Awards of Excellence


The end of 2017 is fast approaching.

Much has happened over the past year. We’ve lost comrades and gained many new friends. We had blogs promoted to the frontpage and users promoted to staff. We highlighted comments weekly, recaps nightly and interviews semi-frequently. We exchanged friendcodes, IDs and gamertags. We fought wars about sandwiches. We debated merits of waifus. We posted catgirls and boys on schedule. We ate food off toilets. We saw a user valiantly sacrifice his left nut just so another user could be summoned from Disqus purgatory. We were threatened to be shanked daily. We got new Canadian overlords. I guess we even played video games. Through thicc and thin, we experienced this year together.

Now it’s time to reward those moments and users that stood out the most for us.

Destructoid Community Awards of Excellence

Here’s how it will go: I’m going to list a bunch of categories….and then you will vote on them. It’s as simple as that! Every answer will be a write-in, or GIF-in, that way nothing will get missed. Also it’s not necessary to vote on every category if you don’t want to. No-votes are perfectly fine! Feel free to explain why you’re voting the way you are if you’d like. Even change your answers!

I’ll have a template at the very bottom to copy & paste for easier vote-posting. If you really don’t want your votes to be seen, you can PM me, otherwise they can just simply go down in the comments. Take your time, no need to rush, and have fun with it!

Now let’s get to it!


Destructoid GIF of the Year

Kerrik showed us that there is literally a GIF for every situation Wes could envision. Which GIF was your favourite over the course of 2017?

Dtoid’s Sexiest Member

This can be you….Destructoid’s sexiest user! Who gets your blood rushing?


Best Banner

You can often tell a lot about a person by the banner they display on their user page. It is the flag they fly on the high seas of Dtoid. Whose banner has left a lasting impression on you?

Best Avatar

Avatars are the like your internet face. Who has the best, most iconic, internet face?

#Hashtag of the Year

The existence of this question may be trending into #Darksiders2 territory but which #hashtag on Destructoid is what stands out most for you in 2017?

Waifu of the Year

Waifus are cute and adorable and funny and sexy. Which waifu was the best of 2017? Don’t even bother voting on this one, Torchman.

Best Catgirl/boy/thiccness

I don’t know. This felt like it had to be a category to vote on. Post your favourite thicc-catperson.

Best Couple

Between sharing interests and all the sexual tension flowing through here, it’s no surprise some friendships might start developing into something more. Which is the cutest couple of 2017, whether they know it or not?

Drama of the Year

Normally you want to avoid drama at all costs. You’ll live longer and be happier. Not here. Stare into the abyss! What was the most memorable shitstorm that hit Dtoid in 2017?

User most likely to be Angie’s first murder victim

Angie plans to one day kill us all. This is inevitable. Accept it. Who amongst us will be the first to fall?


Best Qpost

Shitposting is love. Shitposting is life. Which was the best qpost all year?

User most missed

People leave Destructoid. Life gets complicated or busy. The fit here is no longer right. Pixie was on duty. Whatever the reason for their absence now, which Dtoider do you miss most fully and completely?


Most Generous Upvoter

Bing! You see that the disqus notification bubble is red and it excites your brain! Which user knows best what buttons to press to make you feel all tingly inside?

Top Fap Giver

Fapping your own posts is frowned upon. Luckily this person often lends a hand to make sure you feel satisfied  and validated! Who would you say is Dtoid’s top fapper?


Ready Player 2!

Gaming can be tough. Having a partner in crime, a buddy to have your back or a mentor to lead the way can turn a frustrating situation into a pleasurable one. They might even just have killer gamer recommendations. Which user is a sentient companion cube?

Newbie of the Year

Dtoid keeps attracting exceptionally awesome people. It’s a good problem to have. Who joined over the last year that you can’t imagine Dtoid without?

User most likely to be Morpho

Ok now who of those people who recently joined are definitely Morpho?

Topsauce Cblogger

The cblogs may be the equivalent to the minor leagues of Dtoid, but there are budding superstars and heavy hitters dropping quality community blogs on a daily basis. Which Dtoider do you feel deserves a special shoutout for the quality they bring?

Best 2017 Destructoid Moment

2017 wasn't all bad, right? What moment from throughout the year sticks out as something you can look back fondly on and smile about?


Thanks for reading and participating in this vote. Also thanks for being a part of this fine community. It wouldn’t be what it is without each and everyone of you. Remember that! Now here’s to an even better 2018! Also, cheers!

Bless us Papa Niiero

Copy & Paste:

Best Gif -

Sexiest User -

Best Banner -

Best Avatar -

Best #Hashtag -

Best Waifu -

Best Cat/Thicc-person -

Best Couple -

Drama of the Year -

Angie’s 1st Kill -

Best Qpost -

User Most Missed -

Generous Upvoter -

Top Fapper -

Best Player 2 -

Noob of the Year -

Morpho is….

Top Cblogger -

Top 2017 Moment -


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Occams   353
DeadMoon   89
Wes Tacos   79
Chris Moyse   46
Gajknight   45
Parismio   45
Robo Panda Z   44
Dere   43
TheBlondeBass   42
Flanx   34
Agent9   34
Guerrilla   34
GoofierBrute   33
Lawman   32
Boxman214   31
Rad Party God   29
Vadicta   27
Luckrequired   27
homeoftheblues   27
On Air Fish   25
Malthor   25
ooktar   22
LaTerry   22
Angie22   22
Destructoids Very Own Ein   22
NinjaSpeed   21
Raikus Magical Holidays   20
SirNinjaFace   17
kevlarmonkey   16
Kristmas Kaiser   15
Gmana   15
Dan Roemer   14
Dinosir   13
dephoenix   13
bong264   13
JPF720   12
Khalid Eternal Nigh   12
Fuzunga   12
RocketKnight   12
siddartha85   11
TheLimoMaker   11
triggerpigking   10
Chris Hovermale   10
Jetfandam   9
Zer0t0nin   9
Neronium   8
Roager   7
Sharukurusu   7
Stonecrab   5
Barry Kelly   5
Salador   4
Kutsufatmo   4
NakedBigBoss   4
sp testure   2
Vesalius   1
Dango    1



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