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31 Days - Day 23: Guardians


When I come up with songs for this series I try to vary the songs that I pick. I don’t always pick songs from horror games, or even songs that are conventionally creepy. Some of the songs I pick are on this list for what they represent or what they’re associated with. So the song for the 23rd installment of 31 days is:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild – Guardian Battle

As I said above this song isn’t creepy or scary for what it is, but for what it is associated with.

The piano was the part that really got me when I first heard this play. There is no mistaking that this is battle music, so my first question was when and where. This was shortly answered by a red laser sight and a blast that reduced me to ash. Thankfully Breath of the wild is very forgiving so death isn’t a massive set back. Even so this does not make the Guardians any less intimidating when you first start out. Due to their great power, defense, and range I often avoided them during the start of my adventure. I recall finding my first horse (got it off a Bokoblin) and being really excited about registering it, only for me to get toasted a few seconds later and lose the horse. From that point forward this song would raise a small amount of dread in my heart when it played, and I of course had a lot more encounters with these mechanical monsters.  I’ve been shot off of walls mid climb, blasted out of the sky (or forced to land earlier than normal), and even chased a fair distance across the fields of Hyrule, praying that it will either lose interest or that cover is close by.


So considering all that grief I’ve gone through and the impact it had during my first few hours of gameplay I decided to include this song on my list. Granted once you get far enough Guardians can be killed easily and their insides harvested for parts, but again that is further down the line in most playthroughs. What I would like to see are your stories about your first couple of guardian encounters in BoTW. Let me know what you felt and how you handled it in the comments below. |RCPC-LDJXEW-8MRS [amazon$10]|

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