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31 Days - Day 22: Shattered Memory


Hello everyone and welcome to the 22nd installment of 31 Days. Today’s song is:

Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Devils Laughter

Shattered memories for those of you who may not know is almost effectively a Wii exclusive Silent Hill game. It was a reimagining of the first Silent Hill, which I find to be often over shadowed by its sequel (Silent Hill 2). This new perspective on Silent Hill 1 wasn’t all that bad all things considered, but the gameplay felt disjointed and sort of pulls you out of the horror. There are 3 main bits of gameplay, and only 2 of them work well enough together. Those bits are safe puzzle solving areas, the nightmare chase sequences, and therapy sessions. I admire the team’s willingness to try something new but it just doesn’t work all that well together. It’s like chocolate cake and ketchup, each of them is delicious in their own right, but they don’t complement each other. As a result you don’t quite feel like you’re in Silent Hill. The Safe areas partially undermine the games horror element because there ends up being little risk involved where as in other games that wasn’t exactly the case. At the very least you faced the constant threat of monsters all around you.

Still Shattered Memories manages to hold its own for the most part. It has great atmosphere and its gameplay is interesting and different enough from the mainline series to give series veterans something new. For one thing there is no combat and instead you have to run from a single set of enemies that chase you down and attempt to suck the life out of you. To some this may seem off putting but I found these sequences to be rather fun. The downside is that there are no other enemy types and this is pretty much all the action you’re going to see since the game has no combat. Other than that I will say the game works fine and at it’s definitely worth a look if you have the time.

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