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31 Days - Day 19: Through the Lonely Mountain


Hello everyone and welcome to day 19 of 31 Days. Today’s Song is:

The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask - Mountain Village

Mountain Village shares its core theme with the other 4 pre-dungeon areas, those being Southern Swamp, Ikana Valley, and Great Bay Coast. They always sounded sad and even a bit off putting to me. When you really think about the state of these four areas the somber tone is rather fitting. A sad song made for a decrepit slice of land.

If I had to pick 2 of the worst I would probably pick Mountain Village and Ikana Valley, with Great Bay coming in at a close second. Ikana is full of death and its theme captures that really well. Mountain Village has something else to it. Perhaps it’s the frozen waste land that seems to go on forever. Maybe it’s the fact that the Goron people are both starving and freezing to death only a short distance away. Maybe It is the loneliness you feel in those mountains.

Whatever the case may ultimately be I never really liked to listen to these songs when I was a kid. At the very least Great Bay has the Zoras Domain which was wonderful and Southern Swamp still sounded rather playful overall despite this being the oppressive track for that area.

Oppressive Track? That would imply each zone has a second one and indeed you are right. Each zone has a second track that plays after you beat the temple of that region. If I recall correctly it’s just the theme of Termina Fields. To tell you the truth I almost forgot that the songs changed after the fact. This is mostly because you spend so much time in those areas pre-dungeon that you don’t really have the chance to hear them after Majoras curse has been lifted from that area. BMAAA-8D5NM-HN7HX - [Steam]

 As an added note you have 4 songs that share a theme while under the influence of Majoras Mask, and they all share a theme once they’ve been freed from it. It’s small, but their attention to detail in this game was spot on.


The Key in this post is for Owl Boy.

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