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31 Days - Day 18: A Dead Space in my heart


In light of recent news I feel it only fitting to have todays song be:

Dead Space: Main Theme

A game that was well on its way to becoming a great horror franchise... that was at least until EA arbitrarily decided people didn’t want horror games anymore. Dead Space was a series that does in many ways embody what I look for in a horror game. A game that can make you shake with fear in spite of your acquired power. It wasn’t perfect, but it did a lot of great things and had so much potential. To me Dead Space was the perfect blend between action and horror. You have intense sections where you battle Necromorphs (sometimes with nothing more than your plasma cutter), yet those segments do not detract from the overall horror experience. Rather they serve to compliment it and in many ways elevate the horror element of the game. While Playing Dead Space I truly felt like I was in a fight for survival with the odds heavily stacked against me.

Design wise the music, atmosphere, and graphics look fantastic, especially the Necromorphs. It would have been easy to make them generic aliens or even zombies but visceral managed to make a very memorable and unique monster.

all he wants is to hug you with his pointy bits <3 


All that said Dead Space is exactly that, a memory. The talent that made this game great will be scattered to the winds as EA commences shut down of Visceral Studios. Their hard work and effort on that star wars game, pawned off to another studio. If anything resurfaces from Visceral such as another Dead Space, it will be so in name alone.

And you know some people still wonder why EA is hated so much. They embody just about everything that is wrong with gaming on the other end. EA pushes its crap onto studios it acquires, runs them into the ground, and then it absorbs all that companies IP’s and assets. This is in part why I never buy the bleeding heart “support the developers” stance people take to defend their shit. You’re not defending the developers. Their passion and intellectual property has been stripped from them. They will no longer profit from it no matter how good the game does in the future or who uses it. The only People benefiting are the suits in upper management who take home exorbitant bonuses for cutting jobs and fucking people over. All that time, love, effort, and devotion will now support the future of EA, not the people who made it a thing in the first place.

Business is business be damned, you shouldn’t have to treat people like subhuman piles of shit to get the job done.

Is it ever a wonder why People are so cynical, so distrusting of publishers in general? This is what years or trust and apathy gets you, an epitaph of studios destroyed by EA.


What a damn shame this all is. The sad part is that in spite of all this people will still defend their holy god kings with their dying breath out of some contrived loyalty they feel towards this corporate Hannibal lecture. This is another reason as to why I tend to not buy into the whole “loot boxes don’t affect anything” tripe in most cases. While there are some exceptions genrally if I can’t trust a company to treat it’s own people and properties with dignity and respect than how can I trust them to not poison the well. Duplicity is second nature to these companies and the developers are often powerless to stop them.

I’ll wrap this up by saying that I don’t want to feel this way, nor do I want things to be this way. I know many people get tired of “negativity” and often complain about how people don’t seem to like anything anymore. I assure you that is not the case. Pretending that everything is ok when it’s not won’t make these problems go away which is why I feel speaking out about these issues is important. On the flip side I can understand the drag some people feel. I think we would all do well in celebrating the good things that happen just as much as we talk about the bad things. I feel this will serve to highlight and promote the kind of things we want to see while also reminding us that there is still some good out there.

This one is for you Visceral, Thanks for all the memories and good times.


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