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Let's write a book pt.2


Yo dtoid it's your boi, Xx1337sn1p3r420Xx bringing you a gameplay commentary. Today we're on Highrise and I'm rockin' an intervention with slight of hand, stopping power and last stand...

Lame jokes aside; Here are the names of those who seemed interested. I tried to include everyone who seemed interested in participating, however it was hard to tell for some of you so... If I missed your name, left you out, you'd like to join, I included you when you were not interested, or you just need to dropout please let me know.

Here's dat list:

  1. LaTerry
  2. Fuzunga
  3. GreenHornet
  4. TacoMan(wes)
  5. gamemaniac
  6. dephoenix
  7. dinosir
  8. Osc
  9. kevlarmonkey
  10. Spiders For Sale
  11. Retrofraction
  12. Sfero
  13. GajKnight

Fear not as we won't be starting quite yet. I'll be drawing chapter order on 10/19/17. The deadline to enter will be 3:00pm EST. We still need to cover the premise. Personally I was thinking it would be cool to do the book on the first mars colony. It's a simple premise, that's open and won't require any pre-world building. However there were some other fun ideas such mixing sci-fi and fantasy. I mean who doesn't like Space Wizards?! Or maybe you have a better idea? Let me know.

As as completing the assignment, you will have one week to complete and post your chapter. We can just post the chapters here on Dtoid as quickposts under our own accounts. We'll keep them to once a week so as to avoid spamming the blogs. Also I would like for us to also add our chapters to this here fancy google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/189g3lKgZliTUGy2PLYveAWOWluxFXvYO2yZ_3vcULdo/edit?usp=sharing

You will need to provide 2000-3000 words. In a 3rd person perspective. Other than that; feel free to be yourself and have fun with it. Also I think we should start this Novemember 1st, so the first deadline would be Nov. 7th.

Again if you have any questions/ concerns let me know.

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