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a FREE reward from Nvidia: Shadow of Mordor


It's been a long time since Nvidia has created the GeForce Experience app where one can manage if the drivers are up to date or as a makeshift game launcher where one can tweak selected games to perform better on the PC, but now it has steped up it's incentives to the brand by giving it's users a free game, and it's none other than Shadow of Mordor of ALL games!

But it will be enough?

This was unexpected and a nice surprice! it is unknow the requeriments to get sush a gift or if it is an act of good faith from Nvidia, but you can know this: any free game is a welcome game, specially if it's completely legal. By that I mean it's given through steam so it's necesary to have a steam account already to get it.

It's also unknow (at the writing of this), how much people is receiving these gift. Anyone who knows, it's appreciate if you comunicate it to us in the coments to get more info on the move. Right now is a good time to be a Nvidia user, aparently.

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