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Look Behind You


T'was a macabre night and all manner of villainy was afoot. Bah, feck writing like a idiot. Imma talk with my own words. Another cold Friday on my way to work and it was pretty chilly outside. It was a clear morning otherwise. I didn't realise a mist was forming until I got to the park. I usually cut through the park so I can avoid all the asshole cyclists who refuse to slow down even when they veer out of the cycle lane and into the pedestrian lane. Tired of Frogger-ing my way past these fools I decided to get off the pavement and cut through the grassy park. However, some... thing remained. Days later after the incident, something still feels wrong. Last week, our beloved Wes was attacked and Frankenstein'd by it - the strange entity that glowed. It also convinced me that I was responsible for Wes's curse. Just now, I was visited by that same luminous creature again. It licked my hand while I was frozen with fear, now I am decaying. "Soon you will become a zombie", it said. It then scampered off into the darkness. I can sense my time is almost done here, but before I go I must warn you. I beg you all, watch out for a strange light emitting critter. It's small and quick, and well spoken. I didn't get a good look at it, although that may be because I was trying avert my gaze so as not to confirm its existence. Please, save yourselves. It's too late for me and Wes. ...I think it wore a suit. It looked like a small lion, but it walked on its hind legs. And that smell... Brute aftershave? Look Behind You!

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