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31 Days - Day 8: The Dormitory


Hello everyone and welcome to day 8 of 31 days, a series that is effectively a celebration of everything spooky in games. Today’s Song is:

Resident Evil 0: Dormitory - main theme

If there is one thing Resident Evil has nailed consistently through the years is its music. It is interesting to think how something as simple as a song can unnerve us, even if nothing is going on immediately in front of us. Think for a moment, you could be walking alone or even at your own home at night. You know there is nothing there and that none of this shit is real. Even so I bet you most people would run for a light switch if this shit started playing.

I wonder if this is it something primal within us that causes this fear, or is it just cumulative experience over the years that allows our mind to wander just enough to creep us out. Maybe it’s both, who knows honestly. Either way between its music and visuals RE:0 stands as one of the great classic horror games of its time; still holding up well to this day. The REmake of 0 also highlights this quite well : RA8D-N6NH-A224 (PS4).

Also I would like to take a moment to point out that Rebecca went through this shit twice between 0 and 1. That has to be some of the worst luck you could ever hope to have. Another thing I've always wondered about 0 is the fate of Billy Cohen. What ever happened to the guy? 7 games later and we still don't know a thing. 

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