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Who is in your comics, forming your JLA?

Recent buzz is that a certain female is being looked at for the Wonder Woman role in the upcoming live-action Justice League of America, or JLA, movie. Just who is this damsel that will fly around in a sitting position and a lasso full of magical powers? I will give you a hint...it is not a television actress.

Nothing? Need a better hint?

How about she is consider hot with a nice body and is known for her "3-some" movies with undetectible planes and swords.

Give up? Oh c'mon, you aren't even trying!

Jessica Biel.
sorry, didn't feel like looking up too many pics of her at work, you know

Was that so hard? No, not in your pants! The movie will also feature Batman, Superman, Flash (possibly played by Blade: Trinity co-star Ryan Reynolds), and Aquaman but right now isn't she the one you are most concerned with?

To appease cry-baby JACK. Which character would you play as in the inevitable video game? Would you run around as Biel and make her do "certain moves" you sicko...

Oh yeah...one more pic for good luck!

[Via IGN]
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