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The Cost of the SNES Classic By Game


The alternate title would be "Justifying spending 80 dollars on a raspberry pi, with Nintendo's fabled seal of quality"

Marvel at its seal like qualities

So I went out to Amazon and found the listing for every game (except Star Fox 2, obviously) and took the lowest price. Because this was crossing the nebulous gap between a quick post and a long blog, I also took the time to find where you can get these games digitally.

See below for that list, sorted by price of the physical cartridge.  All prices in USD.  Excludes Tax, shipping, and handling, where applicable.

Oh, and just for fun, one of the links goes to goatse.  So have fun with that.


F Zero  $8.69
Or $8.00 dollars on the 3ds. Totally worth the 69 cents.

Star Fox $10.99
Oddly, this isn't in any virtual console, and there isn't any legitimate way to play it.  Pirate that.  Or don't.  Actually, please don't.  Buy a cart, and then emulate in SNES9x or Higan or something.  Stay safe.  Stay Legal.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo  $18.00
$8.00 dollars on the 3DS

Super Mario World  $18.46
$8.00 dollars on the 3DS

 Donkey Kong Country $20.65
Or $8.00 dollars on the 3DS

Super Ghosts N Ghouls $23.50
$8.00 on the Wii U

 Super Punch Out $29.22
On the WiiU for $8.00

 Megaman X $30.50
$8.00 on the 3DS

 Kirbys Dream Course $30.53
$8.00 on the 3DS

 Super Mario Kart $34.49
Or $8.00 dollars on the 3DS

 Contra 3    $34.99
Now on 3ds for - you guessed it. $8.00

 Yoshis Island $35.96
$8.00 smackers on that WiiU
And possibly free if you were an ambassador?  Man, remember that program?  That was nuts.

 Link to the Past $38.65
$8.00 on the 3ds

 Super Caslevania 4 $46.69
$8.00 dollars on 3DS

 Kirby Super Stars $47.38
$8.00 dollars on the WiiU

 Super Metroid $51.99
$8.00 on the 3DS

 An Actual SNES  $51.95
Or an emulator for $49.99 but really, I would go with the emulator over an old system.  Probably less likely to fail?
Or, if you are going the 3ds route, I would probably say get a 2ds for like $100-$150 dollars.

 Final Fantasy 3 $54.99
Apparently this was on the Wii, not sure if you can get it now.
Its also available on Steam for $16 dollars, maybe less during one of Steam's flash sales.

Super Mario RPG $56.24
$8.00 Dollars on the Wii U

Secret of Mana $59.99
Again, on the Wii maybe, and $40 dollars on Steam for an upcoming remake done in an ugly style.

Earthbound $149.95. For those who don't know, this game had a really limited run so scarcity plus being an internet darling really jacked up the price on this one.  I'm glad I own it...peasants.
Or $9.99 on the 3DS

Grand Total for SNES Cartridges & an SNES  $853.81

Total cost on the 3ds will be around $300.00, but you wont get everything included.  But you can also play it on the go, and you can play, you know, 3ds games.  So do that.  It was like the Link to the Pastbut you go the shadow realm.  That game is awesome.

Average Cost Per Cart: $40.09
Average Cost Per Download:  $8.00 dollars, an amount that will haunt my dreams forever after researching this.

So is it worth it get the SNES Classic Edition?  If you own none of the games already, it is hands down the most ecomical way to get your hands on them.  From there, there are several individual games that make up more than half the asking price, and one that even is almost as expensive as a scalped one.

So did you find goatse yet?

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