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Let's write a book


Yo what's up Dtoid it's ya boi Dino here. 

Anyways, Yesterday I had an idea and ya'll seemed interested in it, so let's go for it. For those of you who are ignorant of this terrible train wreck of an idea, I though it'd be cool for all of us to write a book together. Each person responsible for one chapter. However, we'd each write them sequentially having no prior knowledge of what the last chapter's author was going to write until it was finished. An exquisite corpse, or so I've been told. Or if you're familiar with the game where a person says a word and then another person says the next word in an attempt to make a sentence... It's kinda like that. A theme will be selected but not prior plot will be established. 

In the comments I'd like to disqus (:puns) the details. I'll gather info. Then we can take a vote on plot and some other things. 


What you'll be responsible for:

-Writing roughly 5 pages for a novel in a timely fashion

-Reading the chapters prior to yours



Don't be a Dick (goes without saying, anyone named Richard will also not be allowed)

-Follow the "plot". Don't just write nonsense that has no connection to the plot. I'm not saying don't get creative but like if the last chapter is about john in space don't start writing about King Arthur and his furries. Unless like.... they're like... in space.

-Expect the plot to not end or go the way you want. The plot coming out unexpected is the point of this.

-Have fun. It's mandatory. 


So if you're interested I'll need the following:

- that you are Interested

- a theme/setting you'd like to do (optional)

- whether chapters should be assigned randomly, picked via draft or other means

-preferred deadline


Of course if you have any questions or comments leave them below. 

Don't forget to fap, comment and subscribe!

Dino out.

Update 1:

As far as perspective I personally think 3rd person will work the best. However if ya'll feel strongly about 1st person lemme know. 

Also as far as characters, plot, and premise I was thinking the first author would be responsible for establishing them. However every author would be able to add characters or change direction in regards to that as they see fit.

Of course we could also take a vote on characters and premise if you all would prefer that.

Again please let me know your preference though. Yay democracy. 

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