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31 Days - Day 1: A REturn to Form


Hello everyone old and new! Welcome to my annual series 31 Days, the Series where I post 1 video game horror song a day and write a short piece on it. I also pepper free games in various posts as a bit of a treat. I have previously given games such as Kirby Planet Robobot, RE-make, JetSet Radio, Hotline Miami 1/2, and many more. If you want to find it you’ll have to look for it though, as I’ll usually embed it into the blog. With that squared away let’s begin with a series that is a serious contender for GoTY.

Resident Evil 7: Save Room Theme

Horror truly has come home, and that happens to be a mansion in Louisiana. Resident Evil has returned to its roots in horror, while still being new and fresh in its own way. RE7 is what I always hoped the series would be. A Horror game that doesn’t quite rely on jump scares or the ever spoopy color RED (general)!!!! It also foregoes elements that I personally found archaic, those being tank controls and fixed camera angles. I feel that they almost artificially inflate fear and worry because they gimp you in one form or another. Your fear builds up because you’re a grown ass man/woman with the motor skills of a tank and all the aiming ability of storm trooper in a closed confined space with the world’s worst film crew providing you a view of surrounding area. The surprise and tension essentially comes from the unknown which is amplified by your limitations.

Now don’t get me wrong, this can work and it still holds up decently. However it takes some real talent to give the player power, and still haven them shaking at the knees. I feel RE7 does this, and it does it quite well. The game doesn’t make you weak, nor does it handicap you with bad camera angles and poor aiming. You as the player have all the basic functions of a healthy human being and your own skill determines how well you handle the situation at hand. To me this is survival horror at its finest. With a great soundtrack and haunting atmosphere to boot RE7 has cemented itself as a solid GoTY contender in my book.

As for today’s song, well I love the save room themes. They often capture a feeling of peace and rest within an atmosphere of oppression and terror. It’s strange, but I personally find them to be rather soothing and even welcoming at times. I had lost hope of save rooms coming back after RE6, so I was more than happy to see them return in RE7.  

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