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From The Makers Of The Punch-Out!! Trailer; Also, itemforty Is Total Win


See that pic at the top of the blog? See my new avatar? Is that freaking incredible or what? itemforty proved once again his awesomtasticness by providing a chilling glimpse into an alternate timeline where Mr. Destructoid got it on with DC's official pain-in-the-ass of Superman and they spawned an unholy child. I love it more than Christmas morning, free candy, and lesbian porn combined. Now on with the show!

I was apparently having one of my blackouts when CTZ first posted the amazing Punch Out!! Trailer submitted for Nintendo's poorly judged Short Cuts contest, because I first stumbled upon it just a few days ago. Punch-Out!! is one of my favorite games of all time, so I was thrilled to see an excellently produced video both entertaining and filled with 8-bit nostalgia. Luckily I checked Destructoid's search page before posting about it and looking like even more of an idiot than I normally do. Just in case you were also sniffing model airplane glue at the time it was first posted, here's the video:

But wait, I do have something new to talk about! As best as my simple, child-like mind can determine, nobody has posted the five-minute outtakes video from the Punch-Out!! Trailer. So here you go:

And that's not all! Team Awesome, the should-have-been $10,000 award winners, recently posted a short teaser for their next project, coming sometime this October. I just wish they would have spelled it out more clearly, because I have no idea at all what it could be for. But that might just be because I've been huffing aerosol cans all morning. Can you solve this mysterious mystery of strange mystery? If so, please alert the United Nations to come help me, because these pixies won't stop trying to stab my eyes out with their teensy weensy little tridents and the cat keeps telling me to burn down City Hall:

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