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Tales From the RimWorld: Season Three Part 2


If you missed the first part of this story, please check it out here.


The season begins with violence. Eleven attackers from the Green Desert Kin League have arrived to raid the settlement in the night. The call to arms goes out as the sleepy settlers grab their weapons and rush to defend the sandbag barriers behind the turrets. The tribal clothing offers no protection whatsoever as the group runs forward through a hail of gunfire. The first one's head is blasted to pieces as GetNekkid hits a second in the spine. Several more are cut down, but one does manage to leap over the barriers, spear at the ready. Hypno Coffin is ready, and chops the invader's hand off and finishes him off afterward. 

The few remaining tribals turn to flee, and only two make it out alive. The only injury sustained by a Destructoid settler is a gunshot in GetNekkid's leg, thanks to Dere badly missing. GetNekkid takes on the task of finishing off the last few enemies still breathing that are lying on the ground bleeding out. Apparently the leg wound is seriously affecting his ability to wield a weapon, because he misses one of the stationary targets, hitting a turret and blowing it up. He kills that tribal and moves on to the other to perform the last mercy killing. Either GN is a really bad shot (his skill level is listed as skilled professional) or incredibly sadistic. He shoots the right leg off, followed by the right middle finger, and then the left leg, before finally putting the poor man out of his misery. 

A couple days later a lone person wanders in and would like to join. It's Vadicta, and it turns out he's Dere's former lover! Vadicta was a medieval lordling early in life, and became a navy scientist in adulthood. He has social skills and a great ability to do research. He has a minor affinity to animal husbandry, but not many other skills. He immediately gets to work on researching new technologies for the settlement's betterment. 

The season is actually quite uneventful after the initial battle. There is enough game in the surrounding area to keep everyone well fed, and Destructoid is living well. A machining table is created thanks to Vadicta's research, and now they will be able to create firearms. Vadicta figures out how to make carpeting for the bedrooms, and continues working on a multi-analyzer to assist in further research. 

Spring, Year Two

The decision is made to make a large expansion to farming operations. New fields are created for more cotton and potatoes, as well as haygrass, healroot, and some smokeleaf to help take the edge off for stressed out settlers. One of the boars gives birth to a baby piglet, which is unfortunately killed shortly after by a fox that wandered in. 

The ground of the northeastern part of the settlement erupts. The arachnid infestation is back! This time there are three hives and three megaspiders plus a few extra scarabs. The gang doesn't want to have anyone killed this time, so everyone consolidates all the turrets to one of the entrances of the settlement. They are able to lure the hulking arachnids in to the gun turrets a few at a time, and they slowly wipe the bugs out with no losses or injuries. 

Also Cocks is greeted by a trade caravan from Tioeron. JCDent sells them a lot of the old gear that has been acquired in battle and extra leather from hunting. After visiting for a few days, they begin to start packing up to leave. However, they aren't going anywhere. A rather large group of thirteen heavily armed raiders of The Razors have come calling. The worst part is that they are coming from the North, where there is virtually no defense other than a stone gate. 

While the invaders are trying to break the door down, the Destructoid crew decides to take up positions in the south by the defenses, and will try to lure the raiders to the gun turrets. The Tioeron traders aren't getting this concept though, and are scattered around the settlement in the north. The Razors successfully break the door down, and chaos erupts as they open fire on the guests. Two traders are killed in the opening seconds by machine pistol fire. Vicious fighting begins around the bedroom area. Another briefly screams before being shot in the throat, and two more are downed. Our heroes come to the conclusion that the traders are going to get wiped out if they wait for The Razors to come to them. Destructoid takes the fight to the enemy and charges!

Things get bloody. Very bloody.

The nearest raider take a few shots in the right side, before Hypno Coffin's buries a long sword in his neck. Dere blazes away at the next, riddling her with bullets. A gunfight breaks out on the west end of the bedrooms. Dinosir blows some holes in the lungs of one, but gets his right arm shot off in the process. 

Dere, GetNekkid, Dinosir, and JCDent continue marching forward on the west flank, lighting up another raider. The enemy's arm is shot off, and his lungs and kidneys are filled with lead. Hypno and Vadicta advance to the east with their melee weapons, hoping to assist against the raiders assailing the last of the visitors from Tioeron. A shotgun armed raider pops out from behind a building, and blasts Hypno's left leg off his body. Vadicta fares no better, taking a bullet to his liver. The Destructoiders still standing gun down the leader of the Razors, prompting the rest to turn tail and run. 

Everyone assesses the damage. There are some small fires, and only two members of the Tioeron trade caravan are left alive. Poor Honky the dog had been forgotten about in the confusion, and had his rear right paw shot off during the battle. Dinosir selflessly begins tending to the wounded while bleeding heavily himself. He patches up wounds until he passes out from the blood loss. One of the traders bleeds to death, but Seymour manages to keep the second one barely hanging on. Seymour isn't very skilled compared to Dinosir, but he tirelessly works until all the bleeding of several people is stopped. 

It takes most of the Spring to get everyone healed. The lone remaining trader recovers, and returns to his people, who are quite pleased to at least have one of theirs come home. The northwest gate is repaired, and two turrets are built to cover the entrance in case of any future hostility from that direction. 

Summer has almost arrived when the Green Desert Kin League comes calling with another raiding party, larger than the last. They delay their assault to try to plan a better attack than their previous failed effort. GetNekkid sets up some extra traps in the south entrance to hold them back longer. A few enemies split off while the majority get the attention of Destructoid at the south entrance. 

The attack begins when the tribals charge through the killing area of the entrance. Their shaman bellows out a challenge as he runs, and then hits the first trap which cuts his head right off! Much like the attack in the winter, the gun turrets and the weapons of Destructoid tear right through the invaders. One attempts to sneak in the west entrance but is almost immediately killed by a gun turret.

Three do manage to sneak in through the northeast mountain pass somehow, and come up on the defenders from behind. They let loose their arrows and spears, and Vadicta is taken down by an arrow in the neck. Out of nowhere, Honky leaps at them and attacks! The brave dog suffers for his heroism, having his right ear and jaw cut off, and gets his tail speared. This dog is running out of parts to lose! This angers the defenders greatly, who have no mercy as they kill the tribal attackers. Dinosir works his medicinal magic and is able to save Vadicta from an untimely demise. 

The last major event of the spring is the arrival of DeadMoon from a crashed escape pod. He is wounded, but quickly nursed back to health and wants to join the settlement. Early in his life, people thought DeadMoon was some sort of messiah on the world he was from. He became a wandering healer as an adult, desiring to help others. He avoids violence at all costs, but his medical abilities will definitely come in handy. He also has some good construction skills as well as a green thumb. The major negative is an abrasive personality. 

Now after a full year on the planet, things are going pretty well. "Only" one person has died, food production is going well, and several animals have been tamed. The settlers are looking to start trading on a more regular basis, and can make medicine to deal with the constant injuries from fighting. 

The changes since the end of the previous autumn


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