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Destructoid Giveaway: The free games strike back


Hoy, this is a very unprofessional blog post to make you know that I wanted to make another giveaway so that we might have a good time playing games and such.

Here are the games you could possibly win:

  • Resident Evil 4 (Steam)
  • Citizens of Earth (Steam)
  • Sonic Generations (Steam)
  • Sonic Adventure 2 (Steam)
  • Zero Clash 2 (Steam)
  • Super Hexagon (Steam)
  • Invisible Inc. (Steam)
  • The Swapper (Steam)
  • The first two Danganronpa games, just in time for V3! (Steam or PS4)

To win one of these delightful prizes, all you have to do is... Draw! Yup, this is kind of sort of a mini Dtoid Draws, get prizes edition. I don't expect people to put any effort though :P

Your challenge here is to draw a smol version of a video game character you like. What's a smol version? It's a super deformed character taken to the extreme, huge head, very little detail.

Once that's done, post your little drawing with the name of the game you want in the comments. Winning isn't based on the quality of art or whatever, if multiple people claim the same game I'll just pick randomly between them. Anyone can participate.

Big thanks to Seymour for passing me most of these codes! Winners announced October 1.

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Kevin Mersereau   83
Wes Tacos   76
Gajknight   70
BruceZ   55
CelicaCrazed   53
Chris Moyse   39
Boxman214   30
Churros89   25
vxxy   24
Malthor   21
Destructoids Very Own Ein   21
homeoftheblues   20
Agent9   19
LaTerry   17
Scrustle   10
Czar Kazem   9
Dwarvenhobble   8
JPF720   7
Roager   6
Major Toms Coffee Cup   5
Occams   4
Chris Hovermale   3
D-Volt   1



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