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Will Halo 3 dominate XBL as much as Halo 2 did?

Hi, before anyone starts cursing me for being anti-halo, I'm not, i read the 4 books and spent countless hours on Halo 1 and 2, besides, this isn’t a rant, this just a thought that came through my mind.

We all know Halo 2 dominated Xbox Live from launch till Gears took the throne away, that Halo 2 was THE multiplayer game to play on Live, not only on the original Xbox, but for some time even on the 360. Now, this might be just me or the lack of diversity of my friends, but during the Halo 2 era i could log in at any given hour, even a whole year after it launched, and find most, if not all, of my online friends in there.

When i look back at the competition Halo 2 had i can’t really think of anything that compares, Madden? PGR? Other Sport Game? The only names i can think of right now(It's 4am, give me a break) are CoD 2 and Ghost Recon, which i don’t think had a big enough following.

Now, when i look at Halo 3, i find it difficult to believe that it will “OMFG WTF PWN3D” Xbox Live as much as its predecessor.

While Halo 2 had no solid competition (as far as i remember) Halo 3 will have:

Gears of War
Available now

The dethroner, for some it was just something to play while waiting for Halo 3, for others it was reason enough to get a 360. Will all Gears players move to Halo 3?

Available Oct 2

Just like the other one took racing fans away from Halo 2, I’m guessing this will do the same.

The Orange Box
Available Oct 9

Half Life 2 multiplayer AND Team Fortress 2? It should make some people move from Halo 3, in particular all the "WTF? HL>Halo" ones.

Guitar Hero 3
Available Oct 28

We love to rock out with our cock out (or at least I do) now we’ll be able to prove others how good we are and test if that “kick the bucket” achievement is legit or was unlocked by glitching.

Call of Duty 4
Available Nov 5

Infinity Ward themselves said it, they want to beat teh haloes. The MP beta has been kicking ass, the final game should do the same.

Rock Band
Available Nov 20

We all want to live our frustrated musician dream, Rock Band along with GH3 will keep some of us entertained for a very long time.

All of these games come out this year and are the ones i consider capable of taking away Halo 3 players, next year will bring even more competition, with games like left 4 dead and something called UT3. I'm also not taking into account achievement whores, that will probably leave Halo 3 after they drain it.

I'm pretty sure Halo 3 will be played by everyone i know that has a 360, but what I'm not sure of is if by December, by the time all the mentioned games have come out already, when i turn on my 360 and take a look at my friends list, can i count on seeing all of them on Halo 3 just like I could see them on Halo 2 a year after it launched?

PS:I know people can play MORE than one game, but everyones has THEIR game, the one they play the most and always come back to; for some is Gears,for some Halo, for others it's Madden or Fifa. I loved Halo 2, but I'll be the first one to say that GH3 and Rock Band will take own my soul away from any other thing I'm playing at that moment.
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