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Overlooked, or just forgotten?

There are many great games today that are overlooked by the general public. Games that are the type to leave an impression on your childhood; moral teaching games. However, it is to often that the public overlooks these games and opts for games like EA's "Madden NFL" series.

One such example would be Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and the sequel, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Both of these games are severely story based, and control wonderfully. In Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, you play as Captain Scott Mitchell of the GHOST Squadron; a military squad that is sent out in secrecy, and no one will ever know about. You are forced to travel all over Mexico trying to stop a rebel faction from invading the U.S., and possibly going to war. This story is continued in the second one; with some very dramatic plot twists that would make even the toughest guy ask themselves, "Wait, what?"

Another game overlooked by the public would be FASA Studios' Shadowrun. Shadowrun is an online-only tactical first person shooter. In simple terms: Halo, but you have to actually think. Shadowrun was overlooked because of its lack of a single player campaign; however, Shadowrun is one of the most diverse shooters out right now, bringing new tactics to the table. Shadowrun uses a system like that of Counter-Strike, where you must buy your weapons and abilities, and earn money by getting kills, surviving the round, etc. However, the thing that makes Shadowrun special is a new 'magic' system which lets you advance into unknown territory; as instead of having to walk through a doorway, you can teleport right through the wall and behind the defender. You can turn your body into smoke if you're about to die from damage being taken. The magic abilities just add an entire new field of play, changing how you have to think, and generally just making you better at shooting games.

The final game I will be talking about today is the yet to be released, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I am able to discuss this games multiplayer, however, because I managed to get my hands on a Multiplayer Beta key; thus allowing me to play multiplayer now, instead of in November. Call of Duty 4 just changes multiplayer for shooters; period. It has a rank system which may remind you of 'levelling up', perse. However, with new ranks, you can get more weapons, and use new 'perks', which are just little things to help you in battle. (IE: 'Juggernaut' perk gives you a little bit more health, allowing you to shoot the enemy before he can shoot you.) But, it also comes with a challenge system which you must do if you want to really be considered an opponent; completing challenges get you camoflauge for that weapon, can increase your health, and other quite nice bonus'. Never before while playing a game have I not been worried about what gun my opponent had, but rather what perks he had, and what tactics I would have to use to be able to win that fight. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will change how you will think of shooter games.

I did this for school. figured I'd post it here too; I can has grade now?
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