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Nintendo loses $10 million lawsuit over Wii Remote technology


Probably did see it coming.


In a news that maybe impacts, maybe not, Nintendo just lost a lawswit against iLife that supposedly, it made use of it's motion-sensing accelerometer technology. iLife had designed its tech to “help prevent sudden infant death syndrome and the elderly to watch out for falls,” but it argued that the technology could be used for “other applications”—like, say, Wii Remotes.

while this was for a while, $10 million is WAY lower blow to Nintendo, as it should take a bit of solace in the fact that iLife was originally seeking a $4 per-unit royalty on all Wii console sales prior to the lawsuit. So even if they lose, it's not that bad for the company, however, that doesn't mean they don't seek to minimize or nulify the damage, as it's infamously know, they have taken serious action before.

What do you think guys? comment below to see if you think it deserves it or it's just bussiness. No ill will against it, in my opinion, but alas, things sometimes comes from where you least expect it!

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