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Animangaki 2017


As you may recall, on both weekends last week I've volunteer at an anime convention called Animangaki in Sunway Pyramid at Selangor, Malaysia. It's a combination of the words "Anime", "Manga, and "Gaki" (Brat in Japanese), and I've been a volunteer every year since 2010. After years of being a shrieking violet who just plain sucked at asking cosplayers for photographs, this year I managed to be slightly less sucky on it and managed to get a considerable number of pics, and get a few cosplayers to take pics with your avatars (Terribly sorry, Kerrik52, but for some reason this idiot seemed to forgotten about you because he's too busy on something). Do note that I didn't managed to get a lot more pics due to my volunteering responsibilities.

Welcome to Sunway, ladies and gentlemen.

Animangaki has been around for 9 years, and is already considered as one of the most famous convention in Malaysia (Alongside long-runner Comic Fiesta and some conventions that I've never heard of). It's one of the first anime convention to featured its own theme, as in this year its theme is elemental magic, last year is 8-bit pixels, 2015 is sports, etc. It's also the frist anime convention to have an omatsuri (Japanese minigame) section for various people to enjoy something else other than photography, buying merchandise, and watching concerts. But enough propaganda, what else does it have aside for doing so many "1st"?

The omatsuri booth I'm part of ever since 2014.

All the prizes. And yes, Snorlax and the twins was already redeemed by the participants.

Both the Kantai girl and Korra trying out the archery boot, which I'm in charge of.

Aside from the usual things every major anime convention has (Concerts, doujin booths, photographers, etc), the event also have a Touhou section, a room full of figurines and models for photgraphers to take pictures (The most important rules is no flash. Understandable when it's not fun at all for staffs to get blinded by flashes all the time, not sure what's its negative effects on the figurines), and gaming sections with people playing Just Dance, Idolmaster VR (I think), Summer Lesson VR, Tekken 7, etc...

People playing Just Dance and the Idolmaster VR (Left)

One of the various merchandise stalls around the venue.

The FGO figurines are just but one part of the section in the figurine booths.

So yeah, it's a pretty generic convention blog as far as convention blogs goes (Even Seymour did 'em way better than this), but you know, volunteering work, only have like one hour of break each day, and just plain not feeling like doing a real blog these days. So to (hopefully) top off this insomnia-curing blog, here's some pics of them cosplaying holding papers related to Destructoid and its lovely members. They're easily confused about it too at first. (BTW, curse you Wes for not putting up your old avatar on your profile description! D:<).

This one's for Hypno Coffin!

One for Khalid Eternal High! (I screwed up on which character's from Bob's Burger she is upon asking her)

Rin actually wished she has sunglasses for this shot.

Unlike in the game, both factions are pretty chill about meeting each other.

No comments since I know nothing about 2B & Friends.

A pretty young and cute cosplayer. Never get the chance to take pics of her being Margot Robbie Harley Quinn the next day, though.

On Day 2, I made another paper that has "#darksiders3" on it. Not sure if it's appropriate, but it's an alternative for those who do not want to take pictures with your avatars. It's also when I decided to disclose them on which community I display their pictures on, just in case they aren't OK with it.

Korra's pretty confident with her pose.

The girl's name is Dead Meat, right? (One of the cosplayers also cosplaying her already have a bloodied dress)

Kubo's aunt's general retirement activity, really.

Not sure if they're supposed to be a parody of the KKK, or something else.

She looks familiar. Horizon Zero Dawn?

Not sure if Cindy will be pleased when I'll link her to this page.

In case you're confused and I preferred not to get crucified, this is some girl from Persona 5.

Do note that for me, asking permissions from cosplayers is a really hard thing to do, as I was quite a shrieking violet and afraid that just asking them for photographs would just invade their personal space. As expressed with the comic below.

Will I be at another convention, helping to get you guys (I mean avatars) here and get them to do weird poses with even more questionable papers? Maybe. Maybe not. That depends on whether I can find a light schedule.

More convention pics of Day 1 and Day 2

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